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  1. Hi Maozao. You can consider Player.IO. In Player.IO you can host your own room logic on their servers, witch allow you to run authoritarian logic. It rather cheap for indies, and provide good functionality. But, i noticed that they have minor bugs in their SDK.
  2. Using same seed is a good idea, i agree. How this solution should like? First i need to call srand( server_seed ); and then all subsequent calls of rand will produce the same result on all peers? But my game is multiplatform and i think because of different implementations of this function the result will not be the same on players hosts. How to properly solve this issue? And i have another issue. I sync start game like that: each player send to server READY package, when server recieve this packet from both clients he start local simulation( barriers movement ) and send to both BEGIN package, after user recieve BEGIN package he start his own simulation. But here we have an issue, server simulation is on few seconds further of players simulation. And server can detect collision with barriers before player produce any actuons, while player can see that he didn't hit any barrier. How to sync start game properly? Any ideas?
  3. About client side level generation. If one of players minimize game on mobile device and after few seconds maximize it again we can, using inactive delta, restore actual state of barriers but there is potential issue that this player can out of sync with server eventually. There definitely need to be some synchronization mechanism for barriers. Latency issues we can't eliminate completely, i understand that.
  4. I can't generage full level because flappy bird is endless, but you are right, i can generate realy lardge piece of level because there is extremly low chance that players can pass at least 20 barriers. I thought about opportunity to generage level on client side, but eventually i choose randomized algorithm. I don't move birds, i move barriers, birds have static x position and only move up/down, i place first player behind second.
  5. Hello world! I'm working on simple multiplayer game, clone of Flappy Bird for two players. I don't want to invent the wheel, instead i ask you to suggest me how to do players synchronization appropriately. I need to sync. two things, barriers spawn and bird actions. For barriers i have following idea : Generate blocks of barriers and index this blocks, for example server generate in advance 5 blocks of 3 barriers, send this info and start simulation, when some amount blocks go out screen, server generate new blocks and send this info to players. And about birds, when player tap screen he generate event with data ( bird position ) start simulation, and send this event to server, server accept this event, start it's own simulation and send this event to another player. Client-server architecture. How can i manage this more accurately and properly? Thanks! 
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