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  1. This was actually the work of somone else. I'd like to hope I wouldn't make those mistakes :P   I decided to go with this and just refactor as new feature requests pop up.  Thanks for the feedback!
  2. I have a simulation program which was created using the blender game engine that basically takes in a list of instructions from a C# program and then controls a model of a robotic device and detects if that robotic device encounters collisions with a different model. Seems simple right? Well I have around 30 python files to run the blender game engine. Modifying this code is a bit of a nightmare, as it is also full of global variables and was not created using any design patterns. It has pretty much every smell you can think of. Anyway, I'm thinking of moving and rewriting the entire project in using unreal (I can salvage the 3d models) I have used python, java, C# but I don't have any experience in C++ I'm looking for advice on whether the change is worth it, or should I try and refactor the blender game engine code? Or anything I might not be thinking about. Thanks!
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