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  1. OareasO

    Gameplay Basic Combat Ai

    Hello, i finally make my very first combat ai, it's pretty basic but i think is good enough. Ai can follow player around, will try to defend or move out of attacks if get hit, if in same line as the player will charge an attack. Combat Ai Video My next step is to add multiple enemies and companions for more complex and chaotic outcomes and more abilities for the enemies like area of effect attacks and longer range strikes. Also some more art is ready! Thanks for reading My Youtube channel ==> link My Deviantart Gallery ==> link
  2. OareasO

    Medieval Story released

    Congratulations! Game looks great!
  3. OareasO

    Some Progress

    Video gameply link ======>> Youtube video Took me sometime but finally have the first very early gameplay footage, music is not mine, i use the free youtube music. Let's talk about the combat now, to prevent players from rapidly clicking on the enemy i made a stamina bar, player may attack if stamina is 10/10 or 9/10 if if the stamina is 9/10 full and the player attacks stamina will drop to 7/10 and he will have to wait more to attack again but if he attacks in just the right time then stamina is 10/10 he can continue to attack in a combo by waiting a shorter time between attacks. In the future i plan to add more heavy attacks with high stamina cost, so another idea is to have a special bar similar to fighting games, every time player takes or delivers damage your special bar fills, player may use his special bar for unique attacks or to instantly refill his stamina bar to combine more heavy attacks. I am working on a block action too, if player accidentally clicks on an enemy shield player gets stunt, player may be able to block the same way if he has a shield by blocking just the right time. Thanks for reading! My deviantart link ====> Deviantart link My youtube channel ====> Youtube Channel
  4. OareasO

    Combat is important in rpgs

    Very nice idea and should be simple to make!
  5. OareasO

    Combat is important in rpgs

    Thanks, hope battle mechanic turn out to be good aswell.
  6. OareasO

    Combat is important in rpgs

    I feel like we can all agree that in every rpg combat is important, for example imagine a game that you defeat every opponent by mashing the attack button, what difference will a goblin and a Dragon will really have? If combat is not challenging in a logical way there is little reason to feel excited facing a fearful opponent like a Dragon over a goblin. ofcourse a good combat will be probably hard for me to make but i will try to push myself for atleast the basic mechanics of a challenging combat, hope i don't sound very cliche till now. Having finished the basic graphics i will start working on the code now, hopefully a small test demo will be ready soon. combat animation test link to my deviantart gallery Thanks for reading!
  7. OareasO

    Project introduction

    Hello I'm Ioannis Mironenko a pixelartist and old school rpg fan, this year i started a rpg project inspired by old school rpgs and adventure games like Bitmap Brothers Cadaver, Quest for Glory, Darkmere,Ultima and sega genesis Shadowrun. i made the art myself you can check more of my works in my Deviantart: http://oareaso.deviantart.com/ The gameplay will be similar to a point and click adventure like Quest for Glory, for this i am learning and using the Adventure Game studio engine link: https://www.adventuregamestudio.co.uk/ I am not very good at coding and still learning, so a proper demo may not come any time soon, but i am working hard to recreate the nice old frame by frame animation and isometric graphics old games like cadaver and darkmere had. This wont be a big game, but i still want to make it as charming as possible, i am very curious of hearing feedback and opinions. Thank you.
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