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  1. c# beginneer programmer

    maybe you should set the visibility of video player on the second form to "public" then in form 1 after clicking button2 you should write: Form2 frm2 = new Form2(); frm2.videoPlayer1.video = some video; // i don't know which component you are using but in here set the video on the second form // and if you wanted form 2 to be loaded as a dialog : if(frm2.ShowDialog() == DialogResult.Ok){ // do somthing } I guess this was the answer? or something else you desired?
  2. thank you! rust is a new language as fast as c++ and safer than Haskel, they say that it's memory safe! thread safe. read yourself, I was a c++ developer, I've got impressed after experiencing this new lang http://www.rust-lang.org
  3. hi there   my name is Aryan, and I do full stack all time. the web, software, Linux, etc.. I was really passionate about building my own game so here I started my project, I am really thankful if you would go and look at it, and maybe some advice...    this will gonna be a game written in rust: http://github.com/ary4n/rust-game  
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