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  1. Every week I set aside some time and spend about 3-4 hours focusing on learning equipment I already have. Last week I decided to look into a problem I have been having with one of my UHFR mics. The noise floor was substantially higher. So I decided to play with it and see whether the mic or the receiver was the culprit and which I needed to send to SHURE for repair. Well, in the process I learned that the Receiver was great and when I swapped the handheld frequencies it wasn't interference... After much more playing, I realized that the HH level was dropped 10DB inside the unit. I thought, hmmm I wonder why, I just raised the level back to 0, dropped my gain in the console 6db and low and behold, no hiss! The vocalist that uses that mic is a lot louder and along the line someone gained his HH down a little to compensate. I had never even paid attention to it because my levels all looked great in the receiver and console. Taking time to play and learn my gear has been one of the best educators I have ever found. Nothing beats experience and hands on. Now to hop onto my Hog4 console and figure out some more stuff!
  2. Hi all. Was scanning through the A/H Qu16/24/32 manual trying to find out if the compressor can be assigned pre/post eq. It looks like it's only post. As I haven't got one in front of me, is this what the "insert" function is all about? I am wanting the compressor "pre eq" TIA UPDATE... as to why??? Reason being "pre eq"is if I have the EQ the way I want (as in botton thick) the compressor wont see the treatment. Its also handy if I want to say tackle the more general raw characteristic freq's ...but, if I have it set to "post eq" and then I wanted some more bottom end the compressor will naturally want to suck it out and then everything else with it (as in that channel strip)
  3. Hello there. I am in an acoustic duo and hoping to get some mixing advice. Our setup: two male vocalists using SM58 mics, two acoustics - one steel string, one classical, both guitars run into Fishman preamps and then into the mixer. For the PA, we're running through a pair of EV ZLX-12p monitors and a Behringer XAir XR12 mixer. I'm able to get pretty darn good sounding guitars independently, but when both guitars combine neither particularly stand out enough in the mix. The vocals also sound lackluster... everything gets muddied when both vocals and guitars are playing together. I'm primarily looking for recommendations on some of the parametric EQ settings that you guys might recommend. Should I boost and cut uniquely to give each channel a spot in the mix? Any frequency recommendations? If no bass guitar is present, should I still use low pass filters? Should I use compression at all? I know a tiny bit about EQ, compression, reverb, etc in DAW use, but am new to live sound mixing. The primary audience is just me and my friend for practicing in my garage but at some point we plan on playing some small shows with this setup. I've read a few guides but they seem to address vocals and acoustics in a mix with drums and bass, whereas our setup is just the two of us. I'd be super grateful for any pointers!
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