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  1. Thank you for regularly playing the BIZARRE video!! Continue!! 😎 https://t.co/jaRlZzGYwQ #CharlyMensBIZARRE #gamedev

  2. The #WORDSproductions team is partying the video release!! Gaming, eating, laughing,...Thank y'all for so much fun! 😂 #CharlyMensBIZARRE

  3. Watch the game Charly Men's BIZARRE come alive! https://t.co/jaRlZzGYwQ #CharlyMensBIZARRE #gamedev #indiedev #UE4

  4. #WORDSproductions means "'sharp-words-productions". # as a symbol for coding & developing. WORDS as a symbol for writing and storytelling.

  5. Watch the game come alive!
    Charly Men's BIZARRE: An episodic mobile game | book.



  6. Wir planen unsere erste Werbekampagne für #CharlyMensBIZARRE 📈 #advertisement #Werbung #gamedev

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