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  1. GameDev2017

    Clearwater was out of office. Sprint 26 + 27.

    Thanks! And it feels good! 😄
  2. Sprint no. 27 is here, and we skipped the sprint 26 on gamedev.net in June as the #WORDSproductions team members sent me a lot of vacation requests over the last few weeks (and I was on holiday, too 😉), so that we could not complete as much items from the sprints as we initially wanted, but we opened up a lot of nice issues either way. Take a look! First, the concept art of the next game scene is finished. The scene we want to recreate after Clearwater's apartement scene has been completed. It looks nice. It's a scene from the book BIZARRE Episode I. Furthermore, we continued texturing the houses of the world-outside-Charlys-apartement-window. We haven’t finished it yet, as it became a little game environment already, with many houses, with streets, street lamps, fences, and so on. We use a nice texturing software and began painting the bricks or the colored cement onto the houses exterior walls. Bit by bit, one by one. We use textures, we photographed in our neighborhood, or we’ve found by accident anywhere in the world. We continued programming Clearwater’s shooting behavior. We implemented some basic shooting mechanics in the player controller using c++. The player is now able to pull his gun which triggers the correct state transition causing the associated animation to play. The logic to control the shooting animation blueprint and aim offset, letting Charly aim at the target he is shooting at, is now in place. We did improve main-character Charly Clearwater’s appearance again, by adapting vertices and textures and light. But, obviously, we won’t stop improving his appearance and behavior until the finished game is published one day, and after that, we’ll permanently upload updates including some nice main-character improvements. 😄 Next, we started modelling Charly Clearwater’s facial animations. As I said, during the colored woman video, we’d published on Halloween last year, the facial animations could not be imported in UE4 caused by a mean Bug. But now I ate the Bug, and the animations can be imported now without any errors. We need some facial expressions for the planned video, but also for some 4k pics of Clearwater, we want to render later on. He’s now able to smile. To be continued… I continued writing the book BIZARRE Epsiode I. It works fluently. No Bugs, no thinking barriers. I’ll keep writing. Our plans for the current sprint 27 are: We'll continue painting walls and modelling houses, trees etc. We'll continue programming Clearwater’s shooting animation and behavior. We need to adjust his pull-the-gun-and-shoot animation. We need to make him look hot and unaffected while killing. We'll continue modelling some relevant facial expressions and import them correctly in UE4, hopefully. Test them. Adapt them. Until they look flawless. We want to shoot a status report video, in which I talk about our successes of the last year and our targets for the next year. In May 2017, the BIZARRE Game project was born and one year after, I pass the year in review. It’s planned to include English subtitles. It is also planned to publish this video in July on YouTube. I’ll post it here, too. Yeah, some props must be done, too. Stuff for the kitchen, some books, a couch. Peanuts. Did I miss something? I think that’s enough. CU
  3. The new sprint is here, and we ticked off some work items during the last one, i.e. we finished modeling the furniture for Clearwater’s kitchen in his apartment. We also did UWV Unwrapping, and put a nice texture on all the cupboards and stuff. We imported the kitchen to UE4 and it looks fine. We also finished modeling the furniture for his home-office and did all the UWV-texturing-UE4-things we made for the kitchen. We fixed some bad looking things on the main-character Charly Clearwater himself. We adapted his cloth and skin materials, his proportions and so on. We bought him shirt buttons, a watch and a golden ring (as he is married to Amanda by the way). See the short video below. We adapted his walking animation like a thousand times before. We improved some other animations, too, that would be relevant for the new video. We continued modeling the world-outside-Charlys-apartment-window (replica of the concept art made by our concept artist as you can see below) and created approx. one billion pieces of polygons (at least it felt like…) to build houses for Clearwater’s friendly neighborhood. Are you interested in a new apartment? 😉 We haven’t finished it yet. It’s a topic for the current sprint. The book BIZARRE Episode I is getting longer and longer. The introduction to this book, called BIZARRE: Alltagskiller (that is already published), includes a book called Excess (the book-in-book-kind-of-thing). Excess is an erotic thriller that Charly Clearwater writes during the main story, i.e. during the fulfillment of these 13 bizarre wishes. So, the reader will read two books in one while reading the book BIZARRE Episode I. After having finished the writing of the main book, the writing of Excess begins. The book is going to be heavy! 😉 Furthermore, we made a design drawing of the evil Egyptian power (see below) that is causing the whole drama to the main-character and intends to rule the world. We’ll model her and the people of this culture sometime later, after we have completed a thousand other things. We have a lot of ideas regarding her appearance and that of the ritual and cultic objects of the people from Vï|IV. Our plans for the next sprint are (see the product backlog below): We continue modeling the houses for the world-outside-Charlys-apartment-window. We improve Charly Clearwater’s appearance by adapting his skin envelopes and vertices, again. We program some things in Blueprint to optimize the correct usage of the proper animations for CC. We program the shooting animation in Blueprint and test them till we drop. We test some facial animations for CC that didn’t work when we published the colored woman video last year. In case no errors occur this time, we’ll start modeling some nice facial animations for main-character Charly Clearwater, all relevant for the new video. The facial animated Clearwater is important for the new game blog that is still unpublished, as well as for some new full body 4k pics of CC that we intend to render any time soon. We want to paint another concept art of the next game scene that we’ll probably recreate after the completion of the apartment scene. By the way, do you remember the colored woman? 🙂
  4. GameDev2017

    The making of a BIZARRE video!

    Definitely! It's a mission for life! :-P
  5. GameDev2017

    The making of a BIZARRE video!

    Servus! The new sprint starts today. During the last 5 weeks, we built a lot of 3D furniture for Clearwater’s apartment. We UWV Unwrapped the furniture, i.e. his home office, his kitchen (see pic below, WIP), etc. and we'll now continue with their texturing. The video is taking place in Clearwater’s apartment, where he’ll face his first bizarre visions. That’s why we want it cozy there. 😉 Furthermore, we implemented a player controller in C++ to control the movement of the player actor. The UI for the player control is made with Blueprints as you can see in the pic below. You’ll find the finished control elements in the new video. For the player controller we had to implement touch bindings (a link between the user interaction and the code) to analyze the touch gesture in order to decide which action the player wants to evoke. Additionally, the player controller provides a bunch of useful information that can be consumed by the UI to visualize the action. Based on the users’ gesture, the player controller rotates the camera or initiates navigation command to make the player move in direction to the 3D world position that matches the 2D touch coordinate. The UI uses Blueprints driven by the provided values from the player controller to display the corresponding visual elements and trigger animations. We also improved all animations that Clearwater is supposed to perform during the new video, i.e. the shooting animation, the walking and running animation. What we haven’t finished yet! On our mobile phones, we found some ‘inhuman bugs’. What does that mean? It’s quite difficult to make a thousands of polygons to look like a realistic human. The movement, the textures, the light, the skin, the face, etc. So, we need to fix all ‘inhuman inconsistencies’ of main-character Charly Clearwater. 😉 After the upcoming 4 weeks, we want to have him ready for the video. The evil power behind Clearwater’s head shot and his bizarre visions and dreams, the dark might behind these 13 bizarre wishes that Clearwater is going to fulfill during the game, is a queen of an Ancient Egypt culture. She wants Clearwater to set her free to take control of all humans on earth. We’ll create a new, a so far undiscovered Ancient Egypt culture that is using an own Scripture, an own language, own rituals and insignia, and so on. We’ll publish some drawings as a draft for our later modeling and realization of this might. The book BIZARRE Episode I is half written. The 5th bizarre dream is almost written down. When the writing of this book is finished, we’ll start to plan and arrange all game elements and game scenes that are planned to be realized in the final game. Of course, we intend to publish the rough structure of the game for you to see. We published a first reading sample of the book BIZARRE Episode I (in German). You can find the link below. C u in 4 weeks! :-)
  6. GameDev2017

    All about the new BIZARRE video!

    The new sprint starts today. We've done a lot during the last 4 weeks! We deployed the game on our mobile phone and fixed some bugs. Charly Clearwater is looking good in UE4 now! All his textures and maps look fine. All his animations run fluently. He's now able to walk and run when reaching some defined speed limits. (Blueprint) He is also able to recognize a stair and to use the right animation when climbing upstairs or downstairs. (C++ and Blueprint). Clearwater can now pick up objects from the environment and can save them in an inventory. (C++ and Blueprint) For the new video, the main-character Charly Clearwater must also learn to shoot in all directions when a button is pressed. A topic for the current sprint. Another thing is the game controller. We want to make it easy for the player to move the character, to open the inventory, for example, we want to make it easy to interact and play (on the mobile phone). For that reason, we'll integrate a simple game controller, that is to use and to learn as easy as possible. Simple HUD's will stay in the background, won't disturb the player, but will be there when necessary. The player will get introduced to these elements during the first scene of the game and can use them later whenever he needs them. The new video is going to happen in his apartment, the first game scene. The place where the player is going to learn more about the character Charly Clearwater himself, more about how to play him, how to handle the game elements and the game controller, etc. Plus, the apartment is still incomplete, so we need to model a lot of furniture and objects during this sprint to finish both the videos location and the first game scene. Why the new video? We want to show you what kind of game BIZARRE is. Who main-character Charly Clearwater is. And what kind of quality the game is suppose to have. Call the video "Get to know BIZARRE". :-) That's our plan for the next 4 weeks.
  7. GameDev2017

    The story of the game BIZARRE.

    What's the story behind the game Charly Men's BIZARRE? The life of Charly Clearwater, a newlywed young and successful business man, has changed dramatically after he had been shot in the head by an unknown. Happy to have survived the attack, he is henceforth experiencing different real and surreal visions and anxiety attacks that start to ruin his career and life in all respects. Since recovery, Charly Clearwater gets confronted every day by the bizarre shocking fantasies and dreams of completely unknown people around him. Initially, as he doesn’t know whether these visions are real or just imagination, he’s simply trying to ignore them all, because all he wants is to stay focused on his career that is more than important to him. But when the visions become more realistic and shocking, and therefore Clearwater is afraid to fall to madness, his brother John persuades him not to flee but to make their bizarre dreams come true! That’s when he starts to fulfill the first one of 13 bizarre wishes of unknown people, a process that is turning him into a henchman without him noticing. Charly Clearwater feels a temporary relief of his attacks and visions when making the people’s absurd dreams come true, and for that reason, and because he starts sympathizing with the bizarreness on a sexual and emotional way, he doesn’t refuse when his brother John encouraged him to fulfill further 11 dreams. But shortly before the fulfillment of the 13th dream, he receives the wish of his wife Amanda that puts him on the track of his murder and let him become human again. In case he’d make her greatest wish come true, he’ll save his marriage and life, but he’ll also free a dark might that is going to lead us to anarchy! *we are a German gamedev team, so please apologize any English mistake
  8. Finally, the main-character Charly Clearwater has been finalized! It's been a long trip. Out of a box, we modeled Clearwater's body first, then we modeled his head and face that was going to look like a drawing we made initially. Then we textured his body. He is wearing a business suit since he is a business man having his own company. In the game and book, he is more a rich and arrogant character. After this, we textured his face but weren't happy with the result, that's why we started creating a 4k appearance. We found a good texture editor and painted pores, eyebrows, a skin color with freckles and redness, irregularities, etc. on his face to make him look more real. We modeled and textured his hair, he's blonde and has blue eyes. We modeled and textured his eyes, his lashes, his beard, etc. Then we put him in front of a nice lighting and took some pictures of his face and body, but it took 2 days to render all 4k pics with several PC's! The first 4k pic is published, the others will get published on the new official game website that is due on May, probably. The thing is, the game blog is still like impersonal, and we need more game elements to make the game website more vivid. That takes time. A new video is planned, also for May XY, the first anniversary of the game BIZARRE. We hope to have finished all pieces till May. In this video Clearwater gets confronted for the first time with surreal visions leading him to insanity. These visions convince him to the realization of 13 bizarre dreams of unknown people. These 13 bizarre dreams are the basis of the game. The game elements. We focus now on the game play. Clearwater needs to learn how to interact with his surroundings, how to shoot, pick up objects, to walk, to speak, to move elegantly and smooth, etc. A lot of work to do!
  9. GameDev2017

    the birth of Charly Clearwater

    The main-character of game BIZARRE, Charly Clearwater, keeps us going! We haven't finished him yet since we weren't happy with his hair and skin in UE4. For promotional pics, we want him look like real, therefore, we made his 4K appearance our business. Charly's skin looks fine in UE4 now, but his hair turned out to be a disaster! We modelled a big marshmallow and painted it like something that looked like tiramisu ice-cream, we formed hundreds of coffin-shaped polygons and textured them, so that he appeared to be a bird wearing bizarre feathers on his head. Finally, we created more than 800 hairy-shaped polygons and formed them into a nice hairstyle, put them on his head. A hairy texture made them all look like hair strands. Now, we try to make his hair look good in UE4 within all the different (disturbing) lights and reflections coming from the surroundings of his apartment (the first game scene). Yeah, we also create some animations, i.e. the walking animation, the shooting animation, the running animation, etc. Somehow, we're making progress.
  10. GameDev2017

    main-character Charly Clearwater

    The 3D-modelling of main-character Charly Clearwater is completed. It has been difficult to model his face as we only had a 2D drawing of him that we wanted to transmit into a 3D character. Our first try failed. ;-) The skinning and character-rigging is also finished, so now we focus on texturing his face and body. When the main-character is totally fine, we put him on our new designed game blog that we intend to publish as our new official game website. C ya!
  11. GameDev2017

    The #coloredWoman video is out!

    Finally, the #coloredWoman video is released!! Watch it now on YouTube!! Be careful, the video is BIZARRE!!
  12. GameDev2017

    All about the #coloredWoman.

    The #coloredWoman video is planned to be published on Halloween, so we are totally focused on cutting and perfecting her moves and style. (see pics below) Her hair, her face, her colors, her moves: the colored woman is determinded to be perfect while all these cameras are scanning her entire hot body from all perspectives. The #coloredWomanSong is also finished and will be played as musical background in the #coloredWoman video. The face of main-character Charly Clearwater is completely modeled, too. His bones are installed and he is waiting for his subsequent processing after Halloween. We have also decided to write more detailed technical blog entries , now and then, e.g. about how we made the whole colored woman video from the technical point of view. See you on Halloween, hopefully!
  13. We just finished adapting the colored woman's bones. She is able to dance! We positioned the bones on the right place and then adapted their envelopes until the colored woman moved correctly. During a self-made animation, she, for example, lifted her right leg, so that we were able see whether or not her thigh and lower thigh acted correctly while she held her knee bent. Same procedure with her arms, fingers, her feet, etc. Our next plans for the upcoming two weeks: Install her facial bones, so that she can speak. Adorn her body with nice specials (jewels). Paint her body colorful (as she is the colored woman). Produce a song for the #coloredWoman video which is due on Halloween (made by Charly Men). Develop a choreography so that she can dance nicely during her video. We continue working on the main-character Charly Clearwater when work on the colored woman is finished for the most part as her video is planned to be published at first. Check Twitter for new pics and short videos.
  14. The colored woman's 3D modelling is finished. So, we just started mounting all the bones for the character's animation. We did Unwarp UVW her entire body in order to paint her afterwards. The colored woman is going to dance in our next video that is due on Halloween. Clearwater's video release is also planned for the end of this year. He will walk through his appartment while performing his first game quest (which is no part of the final game). His 3D modelling is still incomplete as we focused on the colored woman's progress. We had great efforts doing the colored woman's hair as her head had no collision and her hair strands fell through the head polygons while grooming it. After installing her hair and bones in 3D, we move her to UE4, where we expect a lot of obstacles in regard to her hair appearance, her movements, her texture, and so on. Same is planned for Charly Clearwater, the main-character's body and hair, but we are relieved as his hair is much shorter! ;-) C u!
  15. GameDev2017

    The colored womans' face in 3D.

    The 3D modelling of the colored womans' face was completed last week. Of course she still needs hair and ears, but the main work is done. Now we can nail the head to her body in order to finalize the entire modelling of this characters' body. After this we will colorize her body in sparkling mixed colors. At the end, we will animate her movements, so that she is able to dance in our next video. It is planned to make her look sexy and creepy at the same time, as she is going to seduce the main-character of the game, Charly Clearwater, only to harm him later on. Let's do this.
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