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  1. Hello, my name is Jonathan, and I am the team leader of Mad Lion Studios. Ever since setting eyes on gameplay of the Xbox 360 launch title "Condemned: Criminal Origins", I have made it a goal to make a game with as gripping of a plot as it had, but expand upon the gameplay and take advantage of the graphics we can achieve today. Now I think it is time to find more members with the same hunger and drive to make a groundbreaking FPS psychological horror. We have assets in Unreal Engine and Unity but have not decided on one yet. So if you are interested, please contact me by email madlionstudios@gmail.com or Skype jboy77 from Michigan, USA.
  2. Hello, my name is Jonathan. I am looking for a few people to join me and my other team member Filip in making a psychological horror first person shooter. The game will feature realistic weapon handling, a "on the edge of your seat" storyline, melee combat and some martial arts. A full story has already been written, now we just need to make it into a video game. Platform focus will be PC with controller support. Please email me if you are interested or have any questions or add me on Skype!   madlionstudios@gmail.com Skype: jboy77 from Michigan
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