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  1. dotinfo

    How to write a game Introduction

    That's a good idea, if I'll give them vague description they will not be interested in it, and if I put too many things, they might hate it or mistaken for a different game. Edit: Yes, its a side-scrolling platformer shoot-'em-up.
  2. dotinfo

    Looking for feedback for a game's name

    I agree with Kseh, It's hard to read at first sight or maybe because English is my second language we need more opinions from others. In my opinion, titles should be catchy and easy to memorize so it will be easier for people to remember the game and that will stuck on their minds. Uniqueness is also a good point so people will remember your game first before other things. I learned this when I read of Iacoca Lee's biography. For me, I always name my game on the final stage of project because I think it's an important part of the game making that it should be think thoroughly of course I might be wrong but that's what I follow. Good luck I hope you find a good name for your game
  3. dotinfo

    How to write a game Introduction

    Sorry I didn't word it correctly I'll edit it immediately thanks for reminding. What I mean the brief introduction about the game like a short catchy description when you publish it. Something like this Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you our hero: Skull Baby. Our hero has been locked in an eternal feud against the evil Slug Boogers, an intergalactic menace determined to take over the known universe. With Skull Baby’s trusty Booger Buster 5000 and relatively average jumping ability, it’s up to you to save the galaxy! I'm not sure to what is this called I apologize again.
  4. Hello, I'm in need of guidelines on how to write a proper game description, I know how to write stories but I find it hard to make a short and catchy descriptions. I've look into a lot of game introduction they're pretty catchy and interesting but I do not know how to make something like that. I need advice on how to write a game intro. Thanks for your time.  
  5. dotinfo

    New here

    I agree, sometimes I spent too much time reading and forgot to practice then forgot everything.
  6. I understand now thanks to you. Great help I'll keep this in mind and follow your guidelines.
  7. Hi, so I decided to use Unreal Engine 4, I'm using Fedora 25, My question: What are the pros and con of using a game engine and doing game dev inside a virtual machine? or should I even consider using a VM for game development? Generally I work with scripting but still, I need advice for these things. Thank you very much for your time.
  8. Great Recommendation! Thanks for your time.
  9. I'll take Irrlicht and GoDot a try. Great recommendations, thank you.
  10. I'll look into the names now, thank you sir for your recommendation.
  11. Hi, I need recommendations on what engine to use on my newly installed Fedora 25 workstation. I've been using Fedora for 2 months now, and I wanted to start working again with game engines. In the past 2 years I've been using Unity3D on windows, I'm working with both 2D and 3D and it works perfectly fine. I try to install Unity3D on my fedora 25 workstation and run to some problems since I just started using Linux recently(permission problem maybe?). Now I wanted a (powerful/mid) game engines that works fine on linux Operating system, I would like it to be on fedora distribution if possible. my last resort will be going back to Unity3D (I like unity a lot but I wanted to try something else) and work things out. Bonus: Our next project is a Visual Novel but I want a somehow powerful  engine because we may try something else after this game and I want to make the most of the engine since I invested some time learning it. Also if you recommend making my own engine I would like an advice though I heard it was really difficult. >My apologies English is my second language. Thank you very much for your time reading.
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