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  1. Hello. I ran into an unpleasant problem when I prepared my character for animation. Since I'm extremely inexperienced in modeling issues, I used Fuse Steam program to create a character model, but to my regret, the Fuse program does not help in creating facial animation, but creates only a standard skeleton. My skills are not enough to edit the skeleton and add facial animation to it, because when I try - character becomes broken, so maybe someone here can help me? Give an advice what should I do, maybe tell about some programs to create face rigging, video lessons, or, if possible, give a file containing the skeleton and facial rig so I can import it on my character. The search yielded no results. Thank you for attention.
  2. LoverSoul

    Help with my Character Import plz

    I came to the conclusion that the problem is most likely in the beta version of Fuse from Adobe. I downloaded the Steam version and, as can be seen from the screenshots, imported it without any problems into Unity with all the animations. Of course, the model did not turn out as fine as in the version from Adobe, but this case can be corrected with the help of various additions.
  3. Hello everyone. I had a problem with transferring my character from the creation editor to the game engine. I created the character in Adobe Fuse, then imported it to Mixamo to put rig and animation. However, the appearance of my character has deteriorated significantly, and after importing into Unity, the character even began to look like a meme from the Assassin's Creed. Can you please tell me how I can fix all this so that my character's hair does not look like bits of bacon sticking to her head, and her eyes and mouth have taken their stable position in the skull? Thank you for attention.
  4. Hello everyone. In my game I want to make a couple of references, and I want to ask about a legal side of such thing. For example, I want my character to play in Sims 3, but this character is a hardcore criminal. Can EA get offended by the fact that in my game a bad person plays their game? After all, I do not use their gameplay, but just want to make a reference that emphasizes the emotional component of the character. For example: by this I want to show that the killer character is not really so emotionless, that he has a family in this computer game and he love them. Can EA sue me for using their game boot screen, and will it be justified?
  5. I think through all the options. I just wanted to ask, maybe there are ways that I do not know about, cheeper secret ways, and even wanted to know the attitude of the players to the presence of an accent in the soundtrack. For myself I do not notice this at all, it even becomes nice when games are spoken in my language instantly.
  6. Hello everyone. Could you please tell me and give an advice, how should I make voices for my characters. Im speaking about such things as "Accent", "speech style" and "catch phrases". Because I live not in the english speaking country, for me its very hard to find a person, who speaks english like true American or Britain person, and very hard to make him interest to become a voice of my project.  Tell me please, does it will be too bad, if my characters will speak english with accents, or where I can find a cheap english voices for my characters. Also where I can find some sort of "catch phrases list", because I want to make my characters more emotional and understandable for player. Thanks you.    
  7. LoverSoul

    Silly question about graphics

    And why do people want to make a game 100% similar to the real life?) So it will be uninteresting to play)
  8. Okay, I'm an asshole, I got it) Thanks you all for your answers, I will keep them in mind.
  9. Okay, another way... Can you help me find, who is an copyright owner of, for example, Gary Glitter songs? Last thing I asked, then I will stop wasting your time. Okay, now I'm understand, this is not truly honest, but okay, if this is the rules, I will play. Thanks you, man)
  10. I understand your position, and I'm respect creative property, but in this situation the creator will not get any cent from me, because he sit at the prison. I don't truly understand, if singer do some sh@t and get in prison, if all record companions say to this singer: "f@ck you" and kick his ass out, why I must pay some crazy money to sound corporation, which stop working with this singer years ago. Maybe now this singer don't have any copyright at all, this is what I'm try to understand.
  11. Damn, your american laws are auful. Where is your spirit, where is callenge, where is "f@ck the system" things? Are you independent developers or not?... You piss me off, I'm disappointed. I don't mean "steal my game" as stealing, I just can't find another word to explain my message, because English is not my 1st language. Anyway, I understand, will keep it in mind.
  12. I don't want to pay them=))) What problem I should expect, if I will use unlicensed music? Can they take away (steal) my game? ___ Upd: Damn, Im understand that I was wrong, stop make my rating worse!)
  13. So, how I can understand, what label is an owner of musicians I need? And, can label shut off the contract with criminal musician, or label become an absolute owner of this songs, no metter of situation with contract?
  14. Hello everyone. In my computer game, I want to use the music of well-known authors, but I would like to learn more about whether the performers are losing copyrights to their songs if they are in prison. A few popular artists I want to use are now serving long prison terms (25 years or more).   In fact, their labels and music companies abandoned these artists, therefore, music is available for free use?   Does anyone have a similar experience? Will there be any problems if I use this music based on the words above, if a label or the author suddenly pops up? I will say frankly, I'm not afraid of legal proceedings, I'm just curious how serious everything can become.   [attachment=35998:johnny-cash-finger-2.jpg]]
  15. LoverSoul

    Want to say hello =)

    Hello, world =) I think, this is how all programes beginned. Im the new person on this forum, i dont know much about local rules, and my english sounds like piglet yelp, but I hope you will forgive me and let me become the new member of your society) About my gamedev experience: Im predominantly a screenwriter, 22 years old... I created quests for a variety of browser-based MMOs, many of which have long since closed. It seems I started when I was only 13 and continue to this days. I do not have higher education, I left two universities because of personal conflicts with teachers. Now Im ready to make my first game and I come here to find answers for all my questions. I have tried to create a game about 3-4 times, but it was useless, but now I believe that my new project will see the GreenLight =) Hello, friends... So, what Im suppose to do now?) Maybe someone tell me more about his or her own experience on gamedev, show me your projects, maybe i will buy a few assets for my Unity=))) Thanks you for your attention)
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