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  1. It's been a while, but I still need this help. So I'm bumping this (if I'm allowed to) And just giving a fair warning that the project is a sonic related game. If you're ok with that and know an impressive amount of GML (preferably Game Maker 8) hit me up.
  2. Right now, my project was going alright, but the newer coder went on hiatus (which I assume will be for a long time.) So now I'm back on the hunt. Is there anyone out here who has a very good knowledge on Game Maker Language? (GML) Right now, the level design is covered (by me), along with sprite art (at times), so we mainly just need a coder. If you want to consider doing it, here's the link to our Discord server: https://discord.gg/vDg7tKm Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Well, we barely make mockups, We only have one as of now. I made a post that explained the base of the game, But it never really showed up.   Can you just give me your discord account link then? I think it would work then, or I could give you the server link.
  4. So, basic wrap up from the title, I need help for a game I'm making. I've spent 1 whole year with a team that actually didn't want to help me, and now that it comes down to me ready to make progress, they all ditched. So I need some new helpers, a coder and another sprite artist to help me would be appreciated. You can get more info from contacting me at the sites I list. Here (of course) Gmail: ekydo2022@gmail.com Twitter: @LilacChips Discord: Lilac #1508 I would really like some help right now, and I've been searching everywhere to ask for it. I would be glad if some of the people here could give me a hand.  
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