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  1. Right now, my project was going alright, but the newer coder went on hiatus (which I assume will be for a long time.) So now I'm back on the hunt. Is there anyone out here who has a very good knowledge on Game Maker Language? (GML) Right now, the level design is covered (by me), along with sprite art (at times), so we mainly just need a coder. If you want to consider doing it, here's the link to our Discord server: https://discord.gg/vDg7tKm Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Well, we barely make mockups, We only have one as of now. I made a post that explained the base of the game, But it never really showed up.   Can you just give me your discord account link then? I think it would work then, or I could give you the server link.
  3. So, basic wrap up from the title, I need help for a game I'm making. I've spent 1 whole year with a team that actually didn't want to help me, and now that it comes down to me ready to make progress, they all ditched. So I need some new helpers, a coder and another sprite artist to help me would be appreciated. You can get more info from contacting me at the sites I list. Here (of course) Gmail: ekydo2022@gmail.com Twitter: @LilacChips Discord: Lilac #1508 I would really like some help right now, and I've been searching everywhere to ask for it. I would be glad if some of the people here could give me a hand.  
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