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  1. Sounds like it's the low end giving you trouble? You can send me the files and i'll gladly give you a quick mix. Musicsigurd@gmail.com
  2. Thank you very much! I actually have a lot of samples from native instruments. I have been out touring once again, and could only take my macbook with me, so i had to compose demos with stock plugins.. This for example is much better sounding - But of course is by no means the same kind of composition
  3. What do you think about these mashed up sounds, that eventually has become horror music??
  4. Thanks a bunch man! Making music for games is totally different than writing an album, and go touring, which is what i have been making my living with for.. well always haha! I got a few good paying jobs in the game industry, but there's a long hustle ahead! Thank you so much for the feedback, i will keep it noted. The music i've mainly done for games have been much more hybrid/ electronic, so i still need to get a grip on the orchestral pieces. Have a fantastic day!
  5. I'm all about Logic! For me it's a perfect blend of being able to compose, and mix in the same daw. The workflow in midi is absolutely fantastic! Automation is as easy as it can be. One thing I must note though, is that Studio One 3, and especially after the new 3.5 update, is becoming my main thing for mixing, and mastering. That daw is simply just fantastic for that purpose! They are gonna replace Pro Tools for audio editing no doubt.
  6. Mjellow fellow music and audio nerds! Quick story about me: I'm a 25 year old musician, drummer/guitarist. I have been touring Europe many times since I was 18, in different bands. Mainly within the rock/metal genre. I've always had a flair for songwriting, and a deep love for video game music. A friend of mine works in the game industry, and needed music FAST for a deadline, since the original composer dropped out last minute. He asked me if I would try to make a score. Mind that I NEVER tried it before, so I said yes ( stupid as I was haha ). But it actually turned out pretty good. that's only one and a half year ago, and now doing it fulltime when I'm not touring. I love this damn industry! Well that was the short version. And I actually just want you to listen my ''new'' score. It's actually an older score, but it's part of my demo reel. Tell me what you think. Good and bad! Hope to be a much bigger part of this forum!