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  1. psychameron

    Education Degree in USA for game development

    Thanks for the link. I would prefer game programming/graphics programming degree. Yes, I have price limitations. I need scholarship/financial aid/RA/TA to help pay tuition. As for the weather, I would prefer avoiding extreme weather. But, weather is the least concern. And I didn't know any relationship between the location of university and AAA company.
  2. psychameron

    Education Degree in USA for game development

    I have no list yet. Because I am not sure what to look for.
  3. My ultimate dream is to work in AAA game studio. I've completed my BSc degree in computer science and my GRE and TOEFL with decent score. Now I want to apply in USA university. But currently confused which degree to apply for. Furthermore, expense is also a concern. I'll appreciate if you suggest specific degree that are suitable to build my career. Expertise: C/C++, Unity, OpenGL
  4. I am currently having a BSc degree in Computer Science. I want to get into AAA game industry. My focus is on the core stuffs like rendering, physics, graphics programming. I plan to get a master's degree for that. Now, should I choose a broader branch, Computer Graphics, or should I go for the specific Game Development for the degree? Note: It maybe easier for me to get the Computer Graphics degree. And I know that I have to show some complete projects, practical knowledge, passions to get the job in the industry.
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