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  1. I need a Unity Developer for a game I've been working on for the past months. It's a 2D dungeonCrawler with a typing mechanic along with Item specific attacks and Procedule Generated levels. The development is planned to be 4 months long(up to 8 months maximum). Although this is a hobby project the person who apply to work on this project will be paid once we(the team) find investors for the game. Anyone interested Send an Email to netinhocrisosto@gmail.com with your portifolio or just talk about your expereince with Unity.
  2. The project consist of a 2D procedure generated DungeonCrawler game, so far the plan is to make the graphics in a pixelated style just like old SNES games, although if needed this can change sometime into the development, more details will be explained for people interested. although this is a Hobby Project it doesn't mean that the people who work on it won't be paid for it, but don't expect too much from the get go, you'll be paid a "reasonable" ammount from the get go and once the project turns out good you'll be paid for all the work done. I'm looking for 4 people: A Unity developer A 2D artist A sound designer A writer Even though the game won't be story driven, it should at least have something happening in the background, so the game won't look numb. If you're interested on it, let me know,
  3. I'm working on a 3D based hack n Slash game, settled in a futuristic world, but with really low futuristic aspects at all. Even though I can make 3d models with ease I struggle to make the concet art with all the character angles, and so on, that's why I need a concept artist, who can make different humanoid body structures I'm also planning on doing 2 quick teaser trailers for the game, but in order to work with my current team, I'll need a Storyboard artist to make easy to my animators to understand what to do, I have everything settled of how I want it to be, soif you're interested you just need to understand what I'm saying. Once the project is settled with a playable demo, we'll make it avaliable for free for a limited time, and hope for the best If interested just comment below with a way to contact you, as of right now it will be unpaid, but after we mannage to earn some money, everyone whose assets were used in the game development will be paid with no problem it just might take a while.
  4. I'm developing a game with a futuristic set, but with no futuristic elements in it, I can explain it better if you're interested, coment your contact info if you're interested
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