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  1. JohnTheRipper88

    World Development for beginners.

    When it comes to world-building, if you have access to any Tabletop RPG game books (Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, etc), there's TONS of useful inspiration and tools in there to help you create. Good Luck!
  2. JohnTheRipper88

    On the fence with game engines

    You may already know about this one, but, Unity3D? That's a very popular engine.
  3. JohnTheRipper88

    Turning a new leaf

    Good afternoon fellow Devs, It's been quite some time since I've visited GameDev.net and kept up. I've been making some new life choices and decided that I'm going to change gears, and strictly work on being an artist (mainly 2D). I'll still work on Design/Writing/World-building, but I'm noticing that I'm not really cut out for being a jack-of-all-trades in game development. I'll try to post my progress in here for those that are curious about my direction. Hope to get some good criticism from you guys, and happy creating! -John
  4. As far as game design goes, "Level Up! The guide to great video game design" by Scott Rogers is what I highly recommend. Here's a link: https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_c_1_8?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=level+up+the+guide+to+great+video+game+design&sprefix=level+up%2Caps%2C170&crid=2KWIYSD8A8ZOK
  5. JohnTheRipper88

    Day 3

    I know I'm a day late... Didn't get home until late last night.. This is my make up for last night. After seeing how piss-poor I am at textures, I think that will be my exercise for this evening.. lol
  6. So, after getting annoyed with attempting to create a better looking base from day 1, I decided to take a step back and practice with just a basic cube. Unwrapping the UVs, and hand-painting the texture.
  7. So, I've decided to keep a blog up on my daily progress for game development related tasks that I do to help hold myself accountable to progress my learning. Feel free to comment on my entries if you have any tips, tricks or advice on my current progress. Today, I modeled a simple base for a MOBA that I'm helping some guys with. I used Blender to create the shape, and started painting it in photoshop. I couldn't figure out how to make the UV lines show up in photoshop to help guide my painting (please share if you guys know how). I only have 1 - 2 hours each day to work and I'm still learning the programs that I'm using so that's why it won't look like I do much until I get more practice. That's the reason for these entries. To make sure I'm doing something every day.
  8. JohnTheRipper88

    Sketchbook Pro or GIMP for Tilesets?

    Thanks Kryzon. I've decided to go ahead go back to GIMP for the pixel art.
  9. JohnTheRipper88

    A new Game Style

    ^ This response made me giggle.. lol All jokes aside, if you truly think you have a revolutionary idea, the best book on game design and game development that I can recommend is: https://www.amazon.com/Level-Guide-Great-Video-Design/dp/1118877160/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1498589173&sr=8-1&keywords=level+up+the+guide+to+great+video+game+design It has tons of information and is an easy read. Good luck with the dream game!
  10. JohnTheRipper88

    Looking for 2D game development engine

    Scouting Ninja is correct in that Unity will probably be your best bet. It offers C#(very similar to Java), JavaScript and Boo(not too familiar with that). Unity is a very powerful engine and you can create virtually any kind of game you can imagine; Either 2D or 3D. The only downfall is like every other powerful tool, there is a steep learning curve. But try to take it in chunks and definitely start with 2D and you should be fine. Good luck with your project!
  11. JohnTheRipper88

    Sketchbook Pro or GIMP for Tilesets?

    Hello fellow game developers, I'm currently learning how to use RPGMaker VXAce, and have been looking at tutorials on YouTube for creating tile sets for games. Now, this doesn't have to be RPGMaker specific (I'm pretty sure I can use this knowledge for more advanced 2D games when I get back into Unity), but does anyone know I good way to create tile sets using Sketchbook Pro? I know GIMP has some good ways and obviously photoshop, but I'd rather try to keep my artwork in Sketchbook Pro. Just curious if anyone has any suggestions. The main video that I got the most from was Matt Laskowski's "ORIANART - How to make 2D Game Tilesets - Setup & The Basics" for reference to what I'm looking towards. Thanks.
  12. JohnTheRipper88

    Income sources in modern /sci-fi empire builder

    Also, you might be able to implement a "Scientific Funding" style of income. Say for instance, you have certain prominent(rich) people in your empire/cities, and they want you to research certain things and are willing to pay you to research them?
  13. JohnTheRipper88

    Programmer looking for 2D Artist

    I really enjoy Tim Burton's style of artwork and I've been meaning to work on a 2D Metroid-Vania style game. If you'd like to send me some examples of character types or landscapes, I could sketch up some ideas to see if they're what you would want in your game. PM me for my email.
  14. Hello fellow Game Developers, I've had some pretty rough months recently with life changes, school, etc. I haven't set aside the time to sit down and do what I know I love to do; create video games! Well, I decided to put my big boy pants back on the correct way this time, and I'm ready to dive back in. I'm still pretty much a n00b at game development, but I have read a wealth of knowledge on video game creation and I think I'm ready to take the plunge once again. I was just curious if anyone would like to share their advice on the beginning stages of becoming a developer (other than the obvious "start small" comment). Feel free to tell your story of just starting out and any shortcomings that you had and how you overcame them. Happy Creating everyone!!!
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