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  1. Hello, We are (informally known as) Frost Phoenix Studio and we are recruiting 3 new members to our our current game dev team. We are searching for a Concept Artist, an Animator, a Lore Writer and a Character Modeler. Searching for: - Concept Artist We are searching for an Artist with experience in environmental and architectural art. Experience in Cyberpunk and SciFi are preferred, but not necessary. - Character Modeler We are searching for a Modeler, responsible for modeling player and NPC models. Rigging skills are required. Animation and texturing skills are preferred, but not necessary. - Animator We are searching for an Animator, responsible for animating characters and enemy models. - Lore Writer We are searching for a Lore Writer, capable of writing an engaging and intriguing game story. Experience in game writing are preferred, but not necessary. Project Description: We’re developing a story-driven puzzled 2.5D platformer in a Stealth genre. “Imagine The Last Guardian meeting Mark of the Ninja in an episode of Blade Runner.” A beautifully visualised stealth-based and story-driven 2.5D platformer, that keeps this genre alive and well, and will make you cancel all of your appointments to continue playing and help Kyo rescue her friends. Compensation: This is a Rev-Shared project. Team: There are currently 12 members working on this project, all coming from all over the globe. We use Discord as our main platform for communication. There is also our potential publisher’s representative present in our server, to oversee the progress. Additional Requirements: In order to join our crew, you must also be self-confident, self-initiative, and able to follow a weekly schedule. You can choose your own weekly tasks and the pace you work with. You need to be comfortable with communicating through voice chat and participating in weekly general meetings. We also expect our members to solve their own problems with the help of other members. This is why you must also be prepared to help a fellow member in any way you can. We don’t require our members to always be jolly, but we do not accept any SJWs and other people that can’t take a good joke, because we just can’t help ourselves. Because we are on a 2-month deadline to present a vertical slice of the game to our potential publisher, we are only taking serious candidates. If you are interested in joining us, or even if you’re just interested in our game, please make sure to contact me here, or on: Discord – Tilen M. #9751 Email – tilen.matkovic@gmail.com PS: If you have any friends that might be interested, please make sure to share the following image with them:
  2. We are definitely thinking in that direction. We're currently considering cutting down the team to about 13 members. I totally agree, we'll need to do something about it. Thanks for the advices!
  3. The problem with that is that I'm a sole marketer in the team and trying to be active on every platform (along with all the other marketing activities) would definitely burn me out. Most of the modern marketing influencers also recommend pull over the push tactics, which would mean focusing only on few platforms and having more quality content there(quality > quantity). So I have to say that while I appreciate some of his advices (I read his lessons), that's one advice I'm probably going to skip (only SM-wise, I'll still try to be on every forum possible, trying to drive traffic to the website). Thanks for the reply and food for thought! 😊
  4. I’m trying to figure out how to spread news about an indie game to as many gamers as we can, without spamming every freaking Social Media platform there is. Though our team is still far from actually releasing the game, we figured it’s the right time to start thinking about where do we want to talk about our game. With the recent rise of popularity of Pinterest, Quora, Linkedin and so on, we are wondering if that’s where we should be as well, or will we just end up targeting the wrong audience? Naturally, we don’t want this to happen, so my question today is: Where would you most likely get news about upcoming games, and possibly even follow the development of a game you like? Would that be Facebook? Twitter? Pinterest? Snapchat? LinkedIn? Instagram? Quora? Popular forum? Perhaps a developer’s website? Is there any other place I forgot and you think might be the right place to post for us? Please let me know in the comments. Help is much appreciated.
  5. @steelstrung Man, I am in exact same situation. We also have 19-headed team with members all over the world, and we keep in touch through Discord. We first worked on a 3.5D RPG and had 35 members, but we had to break it down, because a project that big is virtually impossible without any budget, so we let some people go, kept the best, found some new ones and moved to a 2.5D stealth-based platformer. Would you mind adding me? Tilen M. #9751 I really wanna discuss this some more, maybe we can find out a few extra solutions together.
  6. Does anyone know of any good gamedev blogs out there? I'm thinking of starting one and I'm curious what people think a good blog looks like. Any help is appreciated!
  7. TilenM

    Your first project

    Very inspiring! TThanks for sharing your story and I wish you all the fortune with your career, wherever you end up!
  8. TilenM

    Your first project

    So cool man! Have you ever considered getting a team to help you out? I droped you a follow, tho I am not into programming myself. I wish you all the best with your channel tho!
  9. TilenM

    Your first project

    Great story! Are you still trying to make it in the game development? Btw, is there a link where I could see that "ff vII clone"? I'd love to check it out ^^ Well, with that devotion, I think you made a mistake by not sticking to yur dreams. I am sure you could find a team that would appreciate your work.
  10. TilenM

    Your first project

    So cool mate! Are you still in game development? Can your work be seen anywhere? ^^
  11. TilenM

    Your first project

    How did you first decide that you want to make a game and what was your first project?
  12. TilenM

    Game marketing and PR

    Hi! First, thank you so much for taking the time to help me out. Much appreciated! I have the blog, community groups and business events in my plans, but I do have 2 questions about Email list and retargeting. What is an efficient way to build an email list? And where could I learn more about retargeting? I will be happy to recieve any tips you have!
  13. TilenM

    Game marketing and PR

    Thanks!:) Yes, I've seen the guide before, but one thing I didn't notice the last time is that they've also made a list of some devblogs, which will be very useful to me. Alright, so I guess I'll stay away from Fb until we got some regular content coming. And I will most definitely join the screenshot Saturday with our content! Thank you so much for your help!
  14. Hi! My name is Tilen and I am new here, but I appreciate any help you can offer to a newbie! ^^ I'm in a team of 20 men and women from all over the world and I am responsible for marketing the game we are making. We are developing a 2D action platformer that is pretty unique imo (I Will reveal more info in the coming posts). I have lots of experience in regular experience marketing and PR, but online marketing is relatively new to me. I already have a basic plan for everything I want to do, but my main questions are: how and when do I start marketing? I have zero funds to work with. I am thinking to start with some simple posts on gaming forums, showing some screenshots, some news about the developement etc. and then start sharing our webpage (which we are already building), Fb, Ig, Twitter, Linkedin etc. I am also planning on writing a devblog on our main page and spread it across all the sites that allow bloggers to post for free. Am I thinking in the right direction? When do I start marketing and on what social media? Can I use Facebook even if I can't guarantee regular posts (because all of the devs are also working for free in their spare time and I really can't tell how fast the progress is going to be)? I've been doing some research on some bigger indie 2D platformers, but I still can't really tell what the best strategy is. What's your opinion? Thanks in advance!
  15. Hello! We are a team of young game developers and are currently working on a new MMORPG. We are searching for more people to join us and work with us.   We are looking for a 3D artist (modeler/texturer/animator – take your pick). Our  plans are to make a low-mid poly game with stylized graphics. As we are planning to do an open-world MMORPG, we need a number of artists with different skillsets ranging from weapons and enviornment to characters and architecture, but texture makers, character designers and animators are currently on the most-wanted list. Our work is already in progress, so we need people who would be willing to jump right in and offer a helping hand, but we also provide a more "free-spirited" work opportunity, meaning that there won't be any preasure or tight deadlines until we can gurantee you some profit.   A LITTLE BIT ABOUT OUR GAME: The title of the game has not been decided yet, but what we do know is that it's gonna be a 3rd person medieval MMORPG, loosely based on Avatar The Last Airbender anime. There will be 4 factions in the game: Fire, Water, Ground and Air and they are going to wage a war. Each of the elements will have it's own classes. It's gonna be mostly pvp based and the main objective will be to control as much area of the map as you pissibly can, but there is also going to be enough PvE action with story-based quests and dungeons to clear for the »classic« MMORPG players.    I can't spill too many beans right now, but if you are interested in more info you are welcome to contact me.   All of the guys in the team are working for free in their spare time, but our goal is to make this a paid job and the compensation will most definitely be fair for everyone.   THANKS!    
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