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  1. Name: The Chronos Ark Type: Multi-player & Single-player Online Game where players design & play matches from their personalized lobby. Platforms: PC, Console, VR Complete Overview: - Main Stat System = STR, INT, DEX, WIS, CON, LUK = Sub Stat System - Damage, Critical Damage, Magic Damage, Attack Speed, Cast Speed, Critical Rate, Magic Defense, Attack Speed, Defense, Evasion, Accuracy + STR (Strength) ~ Increases Damage ~ Increases Critical Damage + INT (Intellect) ~ Increases Magic Damage ~ Increases Cast Speed + DEX (Dexterity) ~ Increases Attack Speed ~ Increases Accuracy + WIS (Wisdom) ~ Increases Accuracy ~ Increases Magic Defense + CON (Constitution) ~ Increases Attack Speed ~ Increases Defense + LUK (Luck) ~ Increases Evasion ~ Increases Critical Rate - Item System + The Item sets enabled in the Match determine all equip, use, quest, mics, and drop items in the map. + Equip Items = Helmets, Earrings, Necklace, Chestplates, Gloves, Braclets, Rings, Leggings, Boots, Weapons, Shields ~ Helmets provide Defense & Accuracy ~ Earrings provide Magic Defense & Accuracy ~ Necklaces provide Magic Defense & Evasion ~ Chestplates provide Defense & Evasion ~ Gloves provide Attack Speed & Cast Speed ~ Bracelets provide Magic Defense & Evasion ~ Rings provide Magic Defense & Accuracy ~ Leggings provide Defense & Accuracy ~ Boots provide Defense & Evasion ~ Weapons provide Damage, Magic Damage, Critical Damage, Accuracy, Critical Rate, Attack Speed, Cast Speed ~ Shields provide Defense, Magic Defense, Attack Speed, Cast Speed + Use Items = Recovery, Elixirs ~ Recovery Items provide Health, Mana, Energy, and Rage temporary regeneration. ~ Elixir Items provide temporary stat boosts. + Misc Items = Quest Items, Materials ~ Quest Items can be obtained while the specified quest is active. ~ Materials are used to create Equip Items. - Skill System + Skill Types = Move, Action, Control, Ultimate + Skill Styles = Projectile, Grab, Melee, Select, Teleport, Dash + Skill Targets = Single, Splash, Multi, Chain, AoE + Skill Ranges = Melee, Tiny, Small, Medium, Large, Massive, Global + Skill Attributes = Burn, Freeze, Stun, Confuse, Weaken, Empower - Hero System + Heros are unique characters avaiable for play while in a match. + Heros each contain their own unique base stats and set of skills: ~ 1 Move Skill ~ 1 Action Skills ~ 1 Control Skill ~ 1 Ultimate Skill ~ All Hero stats are reset at the end of each match and do not carry over to other matches ~ No Character Stats affect Hero stats - Character System + For the first 24 hours that a player is logged in they have access to a large variety of features & cosmetics at the cost of gaining no EXP or Credits until the trial period is over. + Characters are completely customizable cosmetically: ~ [ Gender ] Type ~ [ Hair ] Color, Type, Size ~ [ Eye ] Color, Type, Size ~ [ Face ] Type ~ [ Ears ] Color, Type, Size ~ [ Wings ] Color, Type, Size ~ [ Tail ] Color, Type, Size ~ [ Skin ] Color, Type ~ [ Muscle ] Size ~ [ Height ] Size ~ [ Weight ] Size + Characters each have 4 Skills selected by the owning player based off of their owned heros + Characters are used while in player lobbies & matched with [ Hero ] set to "Character" + Characters all have the same base stats but are altered by their chosen 4 skills. + Character Levels are permenant + Characters can be used in a public lobby to kill minions for additional credits & character exp. + A Character's equipment can be altered with cosmetic skins. + Characters have five multiplayer stats: ~ Character Level ( Increased by EXP gained ) ~ Cosmetic Level ( Increased by Cosmetic Unlocks ) ~ Player Ranking ( Evaluated by Overall Game-play Performance ) ~ Designer Ranking ( Evaluated by Overall Game-host Performance ) ~ Master Ranking ( Evaluated by Overall Performance ) - Map System + All maps are designed with a 2D & 3D Layout to allow for exchange through match styles. - Lobby System + Lobbies can be switched from private (Friends Only) to public (Anyone) by paying in-game credits per hour of online time per player slots. + Player's can change a Lobby's landscape, size, theme, and style while in private mode and publish the lobby it's they are ready for public mode. + While a Lobby is in public mode it will spawn minions in the farming zone where you can farm credits & other bonuses while not in a match. + A Lobby's owner can assign ranks to players in their lobby allowing them to access lobby functions such as: ~ Creating a Match ~ Enabling reward boosters ~ Spawning Lobby Bosses - Match System + Aside from the Player-created matches there will also be random rotating matches and daily official matches. + A Match has 11 different customizable settings: ~ [ Join ] Immediate / Delay / Always / Invite ~ [ Type ] Role Playing Game / Battle Arena / Battle Royal / King of the Hill / Farm Boss / Trading Card Game / Mob Survival ~ [ Style ] Side Scroller / First Person / Third Person ~ [ Time ] Round Time Limit / Match Time Limit / Unlimited ~ [ Players ] Minimum Player Limit / Maximum Player Limit ~ [ Respawn ] Enabled Instant / Enabled Timer / Revive Unlimited / Revive Limited / Disabled ~ [ Rounds ] Single Round / Point Based / Elimination ~ [ Map ] Aincrad / Alfheim / Underworld / ISL Ragnarok / RATH / Black Iron Dungeon / ETC@MORE ~ [ Heros ] Character / Draft / Limited Heros / Lock Hero / Random ~ [ Items ] Medieval / Modern / Prison / Magic / Futuristic / Heaven / Hell / ETC@MORE ~ [ Skills ] Enabled / Character / Mono / Locked / Disabled + Matches can be set-up in the form of any period of time for each gamemode allowing a Battle Royal to last days and players to be able to log in and out freely, or a Role Playing match to last only minutes. - Lobby Shop System + Players can use credits to buy access to maps, items, heros, gears, and skills in their lobby matches, along with cosmetic items, reward boosters, and character cosmetics in the any lobby's Lobby Shop. - Social System + Players can join many kinds of groups including: ~ Squads ( 2-8 Players ) EXP & Credit Boost +0.4% per member ~ Guilds ( 5-100 Players ) Access to Guild Hall & Guild Tournaments ~ Clans ( 2-10 Guilds ) Access to Clan Castle & Clan Wars ~ Alliances ( 2-5 Clans ) Access to Alliance Lands & Invasions + Guild System ~ Guild Halls have merchants with discounted Lobby Shop prices rotating randomly weekly for members only ~ Guild Tournaments involve selected guild members forming a guild team to compete against another guild's team for ranking points ~ Guild Rankings are determined by their performance in Guild Tournaments + Clan System ~ Clan Castles contain a private farming zone with increased reward rates for members only ~ Clan Wars between enemy clans give added rewards for beating enemies and negative rewards for losing to enemies ~ Clan Rankings are determined due to their performance during Clan Wars + Alliance System ~ Alliance Lands contain multiple private farming zones with increased reward rates for members only ~ Alliance Invasions are events that can be started an Alliance's leaders which involves defending / surviving through an invasion of mobs in the Alliance Lands. ~ Alliance Rankings are determined by their performance during Alliance Invasions *Note: This design is still a work-in-progress so please don't flame or hate, as I understand it may be your first reaction to say "Why not make one game and perfect it instead of hundreds", please do me the favour of saving the question as I am tired of answering it hundreds of times daily so lets go off the answer "Because I can".
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