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  1. I can't delete posts. I can't edit posts. Is this forum supposed to be this way?
  2. Hello, I am drawing polygons that have different textures with DirectX9. If I leave the default texture filtering (D3DTEXF_POINT), I get pixelated textures. If I change the filtering to D3DTEXF_ANISOTROPIC, I get spaces or lines between the textures.   How can I get rid of the lines between the textures when I use anisotropic filtering? I tried setting D3DSAMP_MAXANISOTROPY to the maximum value on my device but that did not seem to do anything. Before using DirectX9 I was using the Viewport3D of the .NET Framework, which is built on DirectX9. I had the same problem but I managed to solve it by using RenderOptions.SetBitmapScalingMode(Viewport3D, BitmapScalingMode.Fant). This command gave me textures that were non-pixelated and also without spaces between them. I wonder how I could do the same in DirectX9.