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  1. paultrott

    Newbie to game dev: Where to start?

    From personal experience, I've: . picked a gaming engine . come up with a very simple game idea . practised my coding on building said simple game . repeat with each new game idea, but increase the complexity The idea of building my own game engine does not appeal to me. I want to make games, not game engines. I'd rather be thinking about game design, than engine design. That's just me.
  2. paultrott


    Being a semi-functional adult making a positive contribution to the world and paying your own way, isn't easy. Try and get a job you can cope with and keep working on what you love in your spare time. Everyone else that can't commercialize their primary hobby is in the same boat. Including me. I feel ur frustration.
  3. paultrott

    The native side of Hololens

    would love to read this novel prose, but it appears to be sunk into some kind of eyeFrame with annoying scrollbars
  4. paultrott

    Tried To Learn The Hard Way

    I'm doing the Udemy Unreal developer course and would recommend it as a good place to start, if you're happy using a 3rd party game engine.
  5. paultrott

    New v2.01 of Candy Racing Cup is available!

    When accessing either "Candy Racing Cup Setup.exe" or Candy Racin Cup v1.55.exe it crashes with: "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000022)" Windows 10, i7, 16Gb Ram, nvidia 650m Edit: The uninstaller works perfectly though. Does not crash.
  6. paultrott

    Tips for Beginner?

    I found UDEMY to offer some great courses for beginners. I'm currently doing "The Unreal Engine Developer Course" and loving it. It's the structure of these online courses that I find really helpful.
  7. paultrott

    Happy End - game 100% home made

    Nice work!! Looks good and it's finished. Congrats =o) Reminds me a little of an old game back in the day called wizzball.
  8. paultrott

    Programmers needed for Indie Project

    What programming language are you looking at programmers for? C++, c#, Javascript, python etc Are you considering the use of an existing game engine? Which one?
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