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  1. NeroGame

    In game shop

    didnt understand first and second question third question yes i know how to do that last question is one of my problemes In my case i want to make both (texture and sometimes models change ) and i dont intend to use a buy/set button i want it done when the screen is pressed
  2. NeroGame

    In game shop

    yes yes i create buttons and use the onclick event to call a script
  3. NeroGame

    In game shop

    i dont know how to start how to link between the screen touch and the unlock/set thing
  4. NeroGame

    In game shop

    nothing really same thing dont know why i said it like that but its the same
  5. NeroGame

    In game shop

    Im using unity and im developping for android ! and for the button i tried one that unlock and set but thats not what i want i want that when the player tap the screen the skin is bought and equipped
  6. NeroGame

    In game shop

    hey everyone! so im trying to create an in game shope to spend the in game currency and i want the kind of shop that when you touch the skin you unlock it and select it (i've tried several ways didnt work only with a button ) so can anyone please help
  7. NeroGame

    Movement and speed issues

    i think i didnt explain very well i checked equality because i want my speed to increase every 5 secondes that why i checked if the passed time is equal to interval and then i added 5 to the interval so it can keep track of the timer
  8. NeroGame

    Movement and speed issues

    i dont quiet understand how to do it can you please explain a bit more
  9. hello everyone ! i’m making a 2d game with unity  basically 4 objects are supposed to float in the play field with their speed increase over time i tried many scripts to get my movement as i wanted it to be but nothing seems to work i just want my objects to move and float in the play field and bounce when the collide with each other or with the walls also so speed increase is not working as time goes on the objects slow down and move very slowley and thats not what i want , i need my objects to keep moving and to gain speed as time goes on so i need help please here is my script     using UnityEngine; public class Movement : MonoBehaviour { //speed of the ball public float speed = 3f; public float intervale = 5f; public float accel = 2f; public double passedt ; //the initial direction of the ball private Vector2 spawnDir; //ball’s components Rigidbody2D rig2D; // Use this for initialization void Start() { //setting balls Rigidbody 2D rig2D = this.gameObject.GetComponent<Rigidbody2D>(); //generating random number based on possible initial directions int rand = Random.Range(1, 4); //setting initial direction if (rand == 1) { spawnDir = new Vector2(1, 1); } else if (rand == 2) { spawnDir = new Vector2(1, -1); } else if (rand == 3) { spawnDir = new Vector2(-1, -1); } else if (rand == 4) { spawnDir = new Vector2(-1, 1); } //moving ball in initial direction and adding speed rig2D.velocity = (spawnDir * speed); } private void FixedUpdate() { passedt = double.Parse(Timer.secondes); if (passedt == intervale) { speed += accel * Time.deltaTime; Vector2 veloc = new Vector2(speed, 0); rig2D.velocity = veloc; intervale += 5; Debug.Log(“test”); } } }  
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