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  1. I'm looking to make a 2D mobile game but want some opinons on what to use for it. I'm mainly a programmer and am comfortable with Unity, but I don't want to sink hours of work into something which could be done easier on another engine or even just Android Studio/XCode. What is Unity like for this use case?
  2. Manyula

    Best way to implement wall jump?

    Thanks. About the last bit- what does the cosine (and sin/tan) produce? And how do you know, in Unity, which one to use?
  3. I'm trying to implement a wall jump but I don't know what the best way to go about doing it is. Specifically, I don't know how to deal with the collision between the player and wall. Obviously I want the game to know that what the player just collided with was a wall which is at the correct angle to allow a wall jump; A wall angled at a 75 degree angle naturally wouldn't be acceptable for wall jumping. So my question is, what would be the best way to calculate this collision (in Unity)? Would I get the normal vector of the wall to use for a specific range, and if so, how? Or is there another, better way to do it? Thanks, all help appreciated!
  4. I'm starting to learn Unity and how to create movement in a 3D space within it. I want to create a tight-controlling 3D platformer, with Super Mario 64 being a main example. The weight, physics and constraints of the movement in it are something that I would like to recreate and learn more about.    I've opted to use the CharacterController in Unity rather than a RigidBody, as I feel I would learn more by explicitly developing the movement system by code. I would like to know, what are some good resources/techniques to learn when developing a 3D movement system? As of now I have a jump system which works quite fluently, but as for anything on the X and Z axis, I'm at a loss. I feel like there's so much that goes into controlling the character's momentum and velocity, and expressing that through code is something I'm finding difficult.    I understand that the Unity forums may be a good place to ask about this, but I felt as though this issue is not exclusively related to Unity. I would like to know these techniques in general, not just for Unity.    Thanks, all help appreciated! 
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