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  1. Book suggestions for C++ 2D Game Programming

      I currently use dev-C++ but will use code::Blocks for SFML. What book on C++ should I buy after finishing Beginning C++ game programming? I want to learn enough C++ so I can start with SFML.
  2. Book suggestions for C++ 2D Game Programming

    Thanks guys for your posts. I am thinking of buying the book SFML game development. Is the book I am currently reading enough or should I buy additional books before starting with SFML?
  3. Hello, I'm new to programming and game development. I just started with the book Beginning C++ Game Programming and was wondering what books I should buy to create and program 2D games in C++. I was thinking of buying the book Beginning OpenGL Game Programming after I have finnished the current book. Any other book suggestions on this topic would be appreciated.    
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