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  1. Hello! First, I'd like to clarify the title of the thread; Yes, I am a programmer, but I am not looking to join someone else's project. This is a post searching for the following. Concept Artist As a Concept Artist, you, me, and the writer will workshop an aesthetic for the game, as well as the intimate details of the designs of the characters themselves. Things like concept art and non-gameplay art will be you. Hoo-ray. Game Artist As a game artist, you'll be making sprites for the game. I'm hoping to run at an absolute minimum of 12 frames per second, but that's just preference. I haven't decided on an art style, so pixel artists and regular artists are welcome to try for this. Writer As writer, you'll be writing a story around the game mechanics and few characters I've laid out. You'll have a lot of freedom, as long as it's good. I don't mind the creation of new characters, just that the ones I've already created remain. Details about the game will be shared in private, DM me and I'll give you my Discord tag and my email, and get you up to speed. Also, some previous work would be nice to see, but since I'm not exactly paying up front, beggars can't be choosers. Thanks in advance!
  2. Ifrit Dev

    Game Getting Created [Need Help]

    Still, when I was his age, I made games solo, and when I joined a team, it was of people older than me. Once I hit 13, I started my own team and still was the youngest on it. Even if he's really good, the odds of finding competent people his age are really low. You don't want a team where they hold you back.
  3. Ifrit Dev

    Tactics Ogre like game

    Sent an email!
  4. Ifrit Dev

    Game Getting Created [Need Help]

    Dude, 9-year-olds are not the kind of crowd you want developing a game. It might do you some good to raise your standards, even just a bit.
  5. Ifrit Dev

    Composer Looking For Next Adventure!

    Unless you're willing to join a team for no pay, or willing to accept rev-share, this is in the wrong category.
  6. Hello there! I know your post says Unity preferred, but If you're willing to work in Unreal, I'd love to add you to my team. We've got 3 3D modelers, an artist, a designer, a composer, and a writer.
  7. Ifrit Dev

    Looking to join a team!

    I've sent you a PM, please reply.
  8. Hey there! My name is Aaron, and I lead Mystic Studios. I think you'll find we meet your requirements for a team. We've got a solid team of 5 people, covering the bases of programming, 3D modeling, Music, Design, and Story respectively. We're working in Unreal Engine 4, the game is 3D, and the game is PC/Console. We're all in the Western Hemisphere, but timezone isn't a problem for us. PM me, or email me Aach06@gmail.com.
  9. I don't know where you got the idea that game money to real money could ever feasibly be possible or profitable, but it isn't. This isn't slaggin' GGO.
  10. Ifrit Dev

    3D artist looking to get into game design

    Hello, Combo-Smooth, My name is Aaron, and I'm building a team to develop a realistically ambitious game for PC release called Ifrit : Second Chances. It's got a wide array of characters and a thick engrossing story that we work on as a team every day. The script has a lot of flex room, and we'd be glad to see how your skills and artistic license add to the project, if you're willing. We're not an idle team, like most you'll find, and we already have 5 members, covering an array of bases, that allow development to chug along nicely. However, you might not know this, but 3D artists and modelers are the most sought after talent on this site, and rarely pop up. As a result, we're desperately in need of someone of your talents. Contact me at Aach06@gmail.com, or in a PM
  11. I do pixel art, and I've got a massive experience pool. I've worked in a wide array of styles, and if this is still ongoing, I'd love to join. PM me if you'd like to see my portfolio
  12. Hi there. My name is Aaron, and my team is working on a mid-sized project called Ifrit: Second Chances. It's a linear action-adventure that revolves around the story and the interactions between them. As of the writing of this post, we've got 4 members working on their parts. Our work schedule dictates that we get the basic assets done before we start development so that we can do whatever we want with the assets and build the code around it rather than the other way around. Because of this, we can't say that we have any engine progress, although we do have some assets made and others in the works. Some music, a few 3d models. Make no mistake, we are past the concept stage. We've got our design schematic and we add to it almost every day. We're focused entirely on this project right now, and have no plans to spread ourselves past it right now. Our working hours are pretty flexible, and I only ask that you devote a minimum of an hour or two a week, on your own schedule, and check in with the team regularly. Our workflow allows for a lot of freedom, and lets you use your time how you please, but keeps the progress tightly wound. Aach06@gmail.com is the place to email me.
  13. Ifrit Dev

    Comic writer looking for collaborators

    Message sent.
  14. Yes, i do. Blastmastercrash#6265
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