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  1. best bet on the basic level is to understand some vector math - notably, vectors. something related to this entire chapter on vector math will be very helpful in understanding the related math https://www.studypug.com/algebra-help/vectors/introduction-to-vectors So vectors, direction angles of a vector, adding or subtracting vectors, and direction of vectors. Knowing the math behind that, and then matrix operations will help you understand the background math.
  2. John Getz

    sleep c++

    I learnt about sleep(); in class too. Remember we just plug in the time in ms. Need to use #include<time.h> as I remember correctly lol been a while.
  3. John Getz

    Need help creating a racing game

    Ya I would like to know more about the details.
  4. Some people love to solve these nightmares tho xd.
  5. John Getz

    Free 2d/3d art assets '09!

    Ya i know right? Those game sprites
  6. John Getz

    Nasty joke

    Being sick and staying at home on holiday is a joke...
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