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    Hi, I'm a Unity developer who specializes in development of 2D games for the Android platform. I've got a fair amount of experience in working with bullet hell mechanics as well. While I'm already working part-time for a studio, I'd love to help you guys out in my spare time. If you decide to move your project to Unity and would like to get in touch with me - feel free to send me an email: rk.softwaredev@gmail.com
  2. I'm looking to form a new game development team, mostly for training purposes. About me: I'm a student - Unity C# developer, who worked part-time in this industry for a couple of years already. I've been a lead developer in many "random collab groups" as well as a few companies. I specialize in creating 2D games for Android, but I'm looking forward to trying out new things - especially 3D development. Currently, I've got one Android game close to a release so I'd work for this team in my spare time. About the project: I've been thinking about creating a simple tycoon-like simulation game for Android (and PC eventually), inspired by the Game Dev Story (initially released by Kairosoft in 1997) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Game_Dev_Story I haven't done much planning though, therefore I'm looking forward to hearing out your ideas. Right now, I've only created a test 3D scene using placeholder models and implemented a simple pathfinding system for me to play around with: https://i.imgur.com/xAd0l4o.png https://i.imgur.com/nHZerOT.png I'm looking to work with people who are: - willing to take a position of a: 3D modeller/2D artist/Designer - not necessarily very experienced, but eager to learn and improve their skills - active - check in at least once a day If you'd like to apply for a different position which I didn't list here, you are welcome to contact me as well. While this project is created mostly for learning purposes, if we ever get to release it and generate any revenue - you will recieve a certain percentage of it. To Apply: Send an email to rk.softwaredev@gmail.com Introduce yourself and attach an example of your work (if you have any)
  3. Our team is looking for an individual, who would be tasked with handling any marketing & PR-related matters in order to estabilish and expand our userbase. The game itself is approximately 90% done - 3rd party services and monetization mechanics are yet to be implemented before the publishing. Preferred qualifications: - Multiple successfully promoted products - Android monetization experience (which services should we use to generate the most revenue?) - Ability to work with a very limited advertising budget - Passion & Dedication Our game is a 2D bullethell game primarily targeted for an Android platform. User controls the planet Earth and has to avoid endless amounts of obstacles launched in his direction, delaying the inevitable for as long as possible. Collected in-game currency can be used to purchase upgrades and different planets. We are also looking forward to hearing any development-related advice - since we are a 2-person team (and a contracted composer), we might have overlooked certain things. Ideally, you would be a full member of the team for our current project and any more to come. You will be compensated for your work with a certain percentage of the total game revenue. To Apply: send an application to applications.rp@gmail.com
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