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    Game dev lessons 101

    Hello,  I am here to offer you programming or game development lessons one on one. Game dev lessons I will teach you how to make your own game engine completely from scratch and how to structure your code and similar stuff - Language: Java (basic game, so we would also use the native libraries) - Good for: People who have a little or more experience with programming (We could also discuss only the theory if you were interested just in that) Programming lessons Just how it sounds - I will teach you about programming. Complete beginners will learn all the basics and lot more so they will be able to create their own working programs and later on we could move to making games. For the more experienced students I can offer teaching you about more complicated structures and methods used (such as sortings and finding in data structures). Or I can introduce people who come from procedural programming to objective oriented programming (Java) - Languages: Basics of programming would be best thought on Pascal but if you would really want, we could use other language. For objective oriented programming we would use Java Who am I? I'm a college student (of software engineering). I've been programming for about 6 years now and making games for about 3 years Games I made Some of the games I made (finished and released) can be found here Experience I've been teaching programming to programming student for about a half a year. What will the lessons look like? This depends on what we settle on. I highly recommend that we would use voice and video communication so something like skype where I could see your code and you could see mine would be probably the best. Also I could review some of your code you did alone and tell you what could be improved. If you have some problems with English I think that shouldn't be much of a problem and we could probably work around it in some way. Price Of course it won't be free (but not pricey - as a student I don't rely on that money so much), but the first lesson will be free. Just so you can see that I can teach you something I offer giving a first lesson for free and setting on the price later. I have currently quite a lot of free time so the lesson times are flexible, just let me know and I am sure we will figure something out. Contact If you are interested or have any questions whatsoever just email me at mr.mareksedlacek@gmail.com. Have a great day! 
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