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  1. VonBeninger

    A new Game Style

    @Scouting Ninja Yep my idea are still hidden, not included in the list. and thanks for welcoming me to the land of game designer. I will be spending the next 4 years on working to understand the mechanics of Unity as well as the coding essentials i will need. However... I am working on a new venture that should land me a considerable amount of money when it takes of i shall be paying some people to do a majority of the work,
  2. VonBeninger

    A new Game Style

    Excellent point lenny. When i get to that point the answers will reveal its self through Effort and determination
  3. VonBeninger

    A new Game Style

    @LennyLen WHat do you mean by the networking aspect of the MMO?
  4. VonBeninger

    A new Game Style

    Mona, i have played tons of video games. i have beta tested a lot of videogames as well. When i was in my dream it was small and simple features that i experienced that are revolutionary and fun and to my knowledge Exist no where.... I am no where near a coding master since i just started about an hour after writing this post and i am just learning how to make a sphere bounce off a platform in the unity game developer.... But when i said thee above quoted i was sincere. when i get a little more advanced in my knowledge i will be happy to share what it was i experienced in my dream.... The overall idea for the game design wont be a world of difference from most mmorpg's It will be the tiny features that are vastly different new and exciting. i look forward to one day sharing that with you guys since you have helped me with a great amount of knowledge as far as seeing my dream become a reality... However there is no way i will elaborate on my dream seeing as you guys are vastly more experienced and could easily implement my game changing ideas in a few hours or so.
  5. VonBeninger

    A new Game Style

    Okay I read Sloperama, and gamasutra.. I have downloaded the unity engine as well and I am beginning to learn how to put basic objects into the engine.... I realize this is going to take me years to develop now but I am certainly committed I have written down all the details of how I want the game designed based off my dream. Thank you for you help with the links and information it has helped tremendously.
  6. VonBeninger

    A new Game Style

    yea ive been doing a lot of shit tonight, Writing down exactly what happened in my dream the game style game play from details of CHaracter development as well as Game play. My wife became exhausted and I need someone I can talk to and elaborate on the concepts of the game...... I was literally playing this game in my dream and when I woke up I was very pissed off that it didn't exist...... I want to start learning how to program games or at least developing the concept more.... I just need someone to talk to as I am an extrovert. maybe a mentor who can help me design as we go.... Honestly the game once I elaborate Will not only blow you mind but have you jumping at the idea of creating it.
  7. VonBeninger

    A new Game Style

    Hello I had a dream tonight of a new gaming style, It will Completely Revolutionize Gaming as we know it. I will not share any of the ideas Because they are literally unheard of and Revolutionary But I need some help..... I don't know anything about game design and I need to know the process of patenting it and how to create it from the ground up. More than likely I will pitch the game idea to a company when I get done with its Theory. I need help and I know this game will make a lot of money.... I just don't know where to start. Please reply as soon as possible.
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