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  1. Thank you for your responses and sincerity. I didn't expect so many responses, and so honest ones. I really apreciate that. I'll keep doing things on my own, independently of my decision. I think I need to meditate it for a while. Going to college seems to be my best bet, since the QA job isn't confirmed yet. I really feel that I need to complete my education, for what you've told me. I'll come back here if I have any more questions. Thanks again
  2. Hello there. Excuse me if this is too long I'm a 20 years old guy from Spain, very interested in game development. I've just finished something called "Superior Profesional Formation" for programming, which makes me a technical programmer. It's two years of formation, VERY practical, it doesn't enter into abstract things like algebra. It gives me access to a programming job in many places. The other day, I read that you really need a degree for working at "real jobs" in the industry. I'm thinking about going to university and study something like Computer Science degree. This gives me access to a videogame master degree that would really improve my knowledge and CV. However, there are more options. Right now, I'm doing a 1 month Unity course in my city, organized by an university, very solid (I was given a scholarship). The design teacher (a really good professional) told us that he can help us to get a job as QA tester in a videogame company. It may not be great, but it's a way to getting into the industry, while I keep making things on my own. After making some games, maybe I can try to enter the programming team, or search somewhere else. Also, I 've given a job offer for Java Programmer in a consulting company. It's not videogames, but it's programming experience. That's a safer route. My question here is that... I don't know if studying for another 4 or 5 years is really worth compared to start gaining real job experience. I can access the videogame master degree that I want after working for 3-4 years with demonstrable job experience. What should I do? In my case, do I really need that degree for working seriously in games? Should I stick to the safe route of Java programming? Or do I have more chances in game programming after working as a game QA tester if I'm given the chance? Thank you.
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