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  1. Huh....I'll try x264. Hopefully that will bear good results. As for the cut scenes; Don't worry, I'm not aiming for super high quality full-length 3d animations or something like that. The cut scenes are only there to display actions and/or short events that would be difficult to portray using the default visual novel view or static images. I have a decently quick render time for my animations, and I was planning on doing either a sketchy/whimsical kind of animation, or something akin to cutouts used in puppet shows. In regards to a director and voice....I guess I kind of am the director, not to mention while I definitely can't afford to pay voice actors...at the same time, I somewhat like the idea of having the characters' voices absent so that the player can imagine what they might sound like. Especially since I want this game to be driven on the player's perspective on the world and it's inhabitants; from molding the protagonists' personality, to forming connections with the characters, to taking it upon yourself to choose how much you want to learn about them and their world(part of this probably comes from my love of an old animal crossing game I used to play. My gosh I loved that game.)
  2. Thank you! Perhaps I wasn't doing something right, but I tried converting an AVI video file and an MP4 video file into OGG format, but for some reason it came out really low quality with an odd pixel-y/blur effect and artifacts. (Or I meant low bit rate from the beginning and not resolution...forgive me, I'm really new to all of this haha). Maybe it's because I used vlc media player?? It's all that I have to try at the moment, and my main video editing software, Hitfilm 4 express, only exports files as MP4 files and AVI files. I want to get a playable prototype going, although I feel like I have somewhat of a mental block that I have to break with preparations first(namely basic plot and getting this whole cutscene ordeal over with). I'm also not a complete newbie. I say I am mostly due to the fact that while I have a pretty decent knowledge of branches, variables, interface programming and generally getting myself around in a game creating software, this is almost entirely graphic scripting. I want to learn a scripting language, but am first deciding what software I'll be using for this game. I want it to be a mix between a point and click game and a visual novel, but with a decent amount of freedom to learn about the in-game world and interact with various characters. I'll likely be using Tyrano Builder, which runs Javascript. No idea how easy javascript is to learn.
  3. Hello there! I'm a budding freelance artist and indie game developer. Recently I've started planning a game I would like to make, and upon finding this website figured it may be beneficial to join(seeing as this is a website for game developers to come together). I thought perhaps joining a community could help grow my knowledge in game development as well as provide a source for constructive criticism and motivation. Now, for the moment, I have one major question; You see, for the game I'm planning(one that I will be selling) I would like cutscenes. By cutscenes, I mean imported videos as opposed to just rendering them inside of the game engine(which...I don't know if a visual novel counts as a game engine?). Problem is, I've done a lot of research and apparently video containers/codecs like MP4(and AAC audio) require you to pay a royalty fee in order to use them in commercial work. I've checked out OGG file formats which I find horribly low-res, as well as OGV and MVK don't seem too well known for what I want. I was considering using compressed AVI formats, or even WMV and WMA files for video and audio except I think you need a license from Microsoft to do that too? I posted a question on both Microsoft's support forums and game dev forums asking about this, but am no closer to an answer as of right now. If anyone could drop me a tip or some information regarding this issue, please let me know. In terms of my current progress in creating this game, I've been going through writing out plots, creating character and environment concepts, layout and gameplay aspects. Any sort of advice on what my next few moves in game development should be is much appreciated, seeing as I am a newbie.
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