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  1. Hi community, Yay, I’m proud to announce latest Impression released version. What’s is new? Animations 1. Improving and refactoring Animation and Sampler from realtime update by reflection to realtime update by getter/setter delegate. Content Pipeline 1. Adding DdsImporter to create a TextureCube in TextureImporter Development Toolkit 1. Improving and refactoring ContentBuilder building command, see more. 2. Adding ProjectBuilder to create cross-platform game project easly, see more. Examples 1. Fixing example projects structure and documentation in Github, see more. Official Discussion I just launch the official discussion for community and I hope it will be useful for the community to explore and share things about Impression. Documentation I’m working hard to complete basic documentation. Please use official discussion if you got issues about Impression. Please visit http://impression.id
  2. Hi @kostile, sorry for late reply, I was preoccupied with teaching activities in the last few weeks . I'm glad you've experienced with XNA and Monogame, so it should be easy if you try Impression. Impression offers: Built-in animation system in Impression.Animations assembly, see more example-07-skinnedmodel. Texture atlas content pipiline and break it to individual sprite, see more example-03-sprite. A command based (ProjectBuilder) to generate cross-platform game project, see more. Auto scale screen resolution in Android and iOS, just set your fixed resolution then Impression scale (stretch) to native resolution without lost your fixed resolution and input data. Built-in any sensor inputs including Gyrometer, Magnetometer, Accelerometer. Impression has just had a dedicated forum and Impression 0.9.5 just released, see more the announcement. Please visit http://impression.id
  3. Hi @Spool, Yup, I'm fan of XNA. Impression was designed like XNA 4.0 API, but only partially adopted, please take a look the FAQ. The last month, I was busy with other things. I hope to finish the basic documentation and launch discussion (forum) soon. Have you tried Impression?. Tell me if you have trouble using it.
  4. Hi @kburkhart84, sorry for late response. Impression is not a game engine, just a framework. It is designed so that users can create their game engine, freely and as needed.
  5. Has anyone tried impression?. Tell me if you have trouble using it. Thank, pratamabayu (http://impression.id)
  6. Hi all, I just released "Impression", it is made with pleasure but serious, a C# cross platform game framework to create 2D and 3D games. Impression runs on all majors desktop and mobile platforms. Currently, supported platforms are windows, universal windows platform (Windows Store App, Mobile, IoT, Team, Holographic, and Xbox One), Mac/OSX, Android, iOS, and Linux. Everything you need like data driven, content pipeline, graphics, input, audio, media, and animation to create awesome game, realtime application, or interactive media can be done with Impression. Please see impression.id for more details and https://patreon.com/impression -- pratamabayu Thank
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