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  1. DrBFragged

    Level Design

    This is one of very few times that I have heard this advice. Most advice that I've read has stated the necessity for a QA position first. I will continue working on improving my portfolio then.
  2. DrBFragged


    That's a fair point. I meant selling ideas, as in convincing people of the viability of the idea, rather than for profit, but it is still good to know that I won't make money off of an idea alone. Thank you again!
  3. DrBFragged


    Is crowdsourcing an idea for a game a good idea? I like the idea of getting advice from more experienced people, but it also makes me nervous. I'm also curious if crowdsourcing can help to sell the idea to others.
  4. DrBFragged

    Level Design

    This sounds like great advice Kylotan. Thank you! Another question that I have, is a QA position the best way to get a job in the industry? I only have a couple of studios near me in the Albany, NY area, and at these companies, even the QA positions are asking for previous experience. I'm not sure how to get a job if even the entry level positions take experience.
  5. DrBFragged

    Level Design

    Hello Frob, Thank you for your time and the advice. The site that you posted also had some great information. The terms are 8 weeks, and I have about 6 weeks left. I have started to apply at studios in my area, but I am limited with what is around, and my portfolio is not yet where I want it to be, so I am working to improve on that aspect. I will also reach out to my school, and see how they are able to help me. I currently have a job as well, so my time is limited, but I also have security after graduation. Thank you again!
  6. DrBFragged

    Level Design

    Thank you greatly for the insight and advice! This should be very helpful when developing a portfolio and when needing ideas on what to do next. As for your question about following the programming path, I am interested in programming as well. Going to school for this portion of game development though, I have a decent start on a programming portfolio, and I have a better understanding of a direction to take. I would just like to show my abilities in other areas as well, and, if possible, combine my two passions.
  7. DrBFragged

    Level Design

    Hello everyone, This is my first time posting here, but I've been following for a while. I am finishing my last term in college before getting my Bachelor's in Game Programming and Development. I have always been interested in level design, and I'm hoping to find a job in this area once I'm done. My question is, how should I go about breaking into this field within the industry? I have a little experience with developing game levels in Unreal; 2D Platformers, but not much else. Should I keep focusing on creating levels in game engines, or are level schematics/maps a good way to demonstrate skills too?
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