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    Using Gamesparks ?

    That's a great point and thanks for the fast reply its just I know the game I want to make is going to be multiplayer so I'm trying to figure out the networking and things even if atm I'm just learning how to use them for the future but I figure the more I know about these kinds of things know the less time I waste in "real" development of a product. So I just figured if someone on here had used gamesparks and found that it just couldn't keep up on a real time fast paced game then I have no reason to try and learn about it anyway.
  2. Hello all I just signed up for this website but I couldn't find an answer to my question so I figured I would make it, so I'm still rather new to gave development and have been looking at using gamesparks www.gamesparks.com , It has hosting for backend as well as real-time servers but I was wondering if anyone here had used it before or had used it with the Unreal engine as I am still trying to learn everything about it but I'm mostly not sure how it stacks up aginst say proton/playfab or Amazons Gameloft servers ?
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