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  1. darynflannery

    An interest for Unity Engine

    "Even if you are using the engines, do you know how to put those parts together? If someone gave you a suitable math library could you implement all the math processing needed by the game? If someone gave you a suitable physics library could you simulate objects moving in a realistic manner? If someone gave you a suitable animation library could you process the motion of the models? If someone gave you a suitable networking library could you get all the communications established between arbitrary computers? Having the engine alone does not grant the knowledge of how to use them effectively." --Frob Yes, Frob thank you. Informative and interesting your full reply adjoined to this quote above. Regarding this quote; my confidence is currently more around this level, at this time; and probably for the next 3 years to come as I learn more. My first mmo will certainly not be an epic mmo, that is for sure; nor do i want the head ache of it. It (and the servers) will be on a smaller more manageable scale. Firstly I plan on making a couple survivor shooter/ melee games though MP (or MO). 4-6 player arena games. Maybe something similar to "Left 4 Dead" game. Thanks for your recent submission response 'Timmmmmm'. That is certainly interesting, and i will take a look-see those links that you put to me. Yes indeed. and this is something that I am quickly acknowledging lately. Why before I never noticed. I was just nose deep in the text books, strictly. For learning. As well the college, strict.
  2. darynflannery

    An interest for Unity Engine

    Indeed. Indeed.
  3. darynflannery

    An interest for Unity Engine

    Yes, Scouting Ninja. Thanks for that. MMO = 1 million or over players. That makes sense. MO = typical multiplayer online. I guess the question is "how massive, is massive?" One persons massive might be 1,000 players, while another 1,000,000 to anothers 10,000,000. But I do wonder where that common understanding is, about the number thresh-hold of what in fact designates 'massive'. I think I have also heard 1mil, being that standard mark also. Hm. Although, here is what confuses me. On STEAM; there are a few *indi* mmo's/ mo's. Smaller worlds, less players; yet Steam defines these games as "MMO" or "MMORPG" next to the 'sort and genre' of said games. They don't define them as MO. And I would say these described games are around a capacity of 10,000 players subscribed, and only maybe 500 players on at any one given moment of the day. So, pretty light on the server(s) yes. In my mind, I have always thought MO to be within the scope of 2-80 players in a world (or battle arena) at one time. And more than that.... I get confused. Is say 100+ players in a world at one time still an MO? Or more so an MMO? Maybe we should have a new definition and call it APMO for "'A Plenty' multi-player online" (laughs). I half joke of course. But something like that, while be is lesser than 'massive'. For now, I remain confused for terminology; but by new default, I might swing to using MO for indi-level mmo's. And about Unity. Alright I might go with the free tutorials, rather the cost courses offered. I will try out the free for a while, and see how I like them. I think I would like Unity to be the first Engine that I familiarize myself with, only because it seems developer "user friendly"; especially for fresher/greener programmers like myself. I have heard that Unity limits the creative aspects of what game designers would 'like' to do. And that is what they find most annoying. Even though the engine itself is pretty handy in other ways, to shorten work and cut some decent corners. Hm.
  4. darynflannery

    An interest for Unity Engine

    Thanks guys. Yes, my small team plans on starting with small games. Also, some MMO's are actually built small too. There are some mmo's that are server limit more locally, so say; strictly their own country. As well, said small mmo's tend to also limit subscription access, first come first serve. Additionally, these small mmo's can be in 2d, and not 3d. There are dozens of ways for an indi-company to create small and manageable games. Of course not a block buster (unless you are the rare EVE: Online (when they started out as a small indi company and made a killer game! With limited resources). As well, the mmo that I have in mind would also be much more "niche", and barely mainstream. Mainstream games tend to be built a certain grade, with certain higher end requisites expected by the mainstream audience. The games that my friend and I wish to build, will not be mainstream. We are also not looking to get rich, on game #1, or even game #2. We just want to make a modest amount of money, but more importantly have fun making a game, and build something unique and different for a niche audience. I think a small-scale mmo is very possible, after a couple normal games and saved financing. Also, I am fairly confident in some ways, where be it marketing and business. Because I've diplomas in accounting, business management, as well web-design. So I am hoping some of that can cut a few corners for me (rather hire too many other people, or anyone else, to do said work for me). For my first game, project to market. I am hoping for a 4-5 person Team (help). And if that game does fairly ok; then I am hoping to find an additional person or two, to join team as well. For game #2. And both those games will not be mmo's of course. So that is more-so my gear mind set, My running plan at this time. My theory.
  5. darynflannery

    An interest for Unity Engine

    Hello. My name is Daryn. I am currently in college for Video Game Development, and at this time focused on Programming. I am learnt at an intermediate level regarding C++; and now I am about to course into C#. Why? Primarily because I have a new interest in the Unity Engine. I am new to C#, and have joined up with Unity as well their tutorials lately. And I am even considering to subscribe to their package buy, for 1 year. Where they basically teach me how to develop in Unix, from scratch. This in extra, on top of all the free material available for 'teaching one self' provided. My question is; does the community think it is work it, if I pay Unity $500 CAD for 1 year of their 'tutorship'? The main reason why my eye is on Unity, is because someday, I would like to firstly produce a 'shooter survival' game (indi); as well much later on, perhaps an MMO (indi). And I hear Unity is good for both. Also, it cuts some corners and work. My best friend and I are wanting to go into studio together, in about 3 years; and make our own indi-game(s), alongside a couple more team-mates (friends). We have an investor in Montreal. I am new, but ambitious.
  6. darynflannery

    Implementing Neural Evolution for generic species in Unity

    Very cool.
  7. darynflannery

    Game Design College Major Question

    That's right. The studio is my future ambition some day. Not yet. First I plan on going to college to learn more.
  8. darynflannery

    Anxiety about the future.

    I wish I were young again, all that time to explore the nooks'n'crannies of programming. Don't worry about anxiety until you are maybe late 20's kid.
  9. darynflannery

    Game Design College Major Question

    That IS a big question, in which I am also contemplating. I am a big math guy; but great as an artist also. I have 1.5 years to think about it before I enrol into college. If I am a 'team leader' designation for my future indi-studio... would it be more responsible for me to specialize in GAME PROGRAMMING? rather graphic design? I am pondering the same sort of things, original poster.
  10. I am new here, dated to this forum post. I am excited to see so much discussion here, as well intelligent and bright people! Hello community! My name is Daryn Val'Gherris Flannery. And I want to make my own small game studio someday, in the GTA area (Ontario). First I want to go to college though, at George Brown, in Toronto, I was thinking, come 2019-2020. I've already some game programming behind me as well digital graphical, but I am more so programming focused right now. I love math, science and language! And I own $1000 worth of C++; game design and math books. Read through half of them so far. Studied. My best friend and I, we are both wanting to enroll into George Brown together come 2020. First we got to get housing and some finances in order. I was wondering if anybody else on these forums would be interested in 'teaming up' with my friend and I, in going to school? The general field. I'll probably take Game Programming 3 years, but I might go Animation Design rather. By "team up" I mean we all kind of work together and 'check in' a bit each others fields. Even for help support study groups. As well; perhaps in cheaper cost living expenses such as collaborative housing, so that we student can get by better than modest. I am a smart guy, so I can get everyone set up. Basically I am looking for ambitious and dedicated NEW game designers who might want to someday build a new small company with me (and my buddy). cheers everyone.
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