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  1. I making my coding my own os\game console from scratch and I would like to access the gpu to draw gfx? how would I do it using c\c++\asm?
  2. Getting Real Instruments?

    I'm developing a game, but how will I afford real instruments, like a contrabassoon,bass clarinet,brass,woodwinds,strings,drums,etc?
  3. in directx I need to know how would I play the animation in directx rendering frames for each part of the model moving parts - like the bones, how would would that work? I'm new to writing a animation player, for a model parser. I'm asking so I understand how to do this, I'm new to loading a model and playing\moving the bones to effect the mesh.
  4. Snowy Artwork?

    I took a look at the data it was sprites in dds(directx draw surface), but I was wondering if it was pre rendered? if not how would I create one like theses?
  5. Snowy Artwork?

    Where the sprites prerendered? like stoneman and mummy and gems and the bear?
  6. Loading a b3d model?

    I meant for render a b3d model on screen and loading it, and loading and playing animations.
  7. I new here, anyways how would I load a b3d model? three files mesh,animation,skeleton and play animation from model, new to directx. b3d format was created by blitzbasic. https://www.blitzbasic.com/sdkspecs/sdkspecs/b3dfile_specs.txt
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