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  1. I'm not using Unity, I am using Xcode/Swift with SpriteKit.
  2. In iOS we are required to provide 1x, 2x and 3x version of every images. The goal is not to adapt to the aspect ration, but to adapt to wider screen resolutions. The 1x version will be surely used in older generation iPhones like the 4s for instance. The 2x resolution is used on an iPhone 6s, the 3x resolution on an iPad.
  3. I have graphic and programming skills in iOS, using Xcode and Swift 4, and I am looking for a graphic able to draw isometric sprites for a zombie game. The game is a European RPG where there are four game modalities: Training: the hero is in a shooting range. He should hit targets in a given time and when the time ends, a score is assigned to him. Exploration mode: the hero is in a huge map, where he may find coins, gems and rare items. As far as the hero moves to further parts of the map, he meets harder enemies and it's more difficult for him to survive. In the hardest part of the map there is a mob, which if killed can give a lot of coins/gems. For each game a player is assigned a score. Scavenger mode: the hero needs to pick up the maximum amount of items in a given time. If he survives, at the end of the time he is assigned a score. Survival mode: the hero needs to survive the longest possible, and the score is given by the time of the game. Each game modality has many levels, that can be unlocked. For example: in the first level of the training mode, there are only a few and standing still targets. In the second level the targets start moving and they are harder to destroy, and there is an increased level fo difficulty for each level. In the exploration mode, the first level is in a city. The second level in the desert and there are also animal zombies, etc... The character may be trained by increasing his skills (HP, aim, strength, etc...), and the player can also buy armored vests, boots and equipments that give some bonuses (more HP, resistance, etc...). There are many weapons that may be bought and they also may be modified and boosted in order to increase the damage, fire rate, etc... The whole game system would be based on in-app purchases: the players can buy new levels, weapons, etc... using in-game money that may be collected in the game, but they may also be purchased for the users who want to go on quickly. There would be also ads but not during the game, just in the main screen. I have already fine programming skills to make this project, but the problem is about the enormous amount of work to do in order to design the sprites. Since it's an isometric game, the main character and the zombies should be drawn in different orientations using vectorial graphics programs because iOS developers are required to provide different resolution versions of the images, in order to adapt to different screen resolutions. For now I am using Inkscape but any tool would be fine. I am also open for suggestions if someone wants to modify the game mechanics/rules. Answer here or write me an email to: ramy100689@gmail.com
  4. I decided to implement an isometric 2D game for iPhone, using SpriteKit and GameplayKit, and Inkscape/GIMP as graphic tools. I prefer vectorial graphics because as a iOS programmer I am required to create multiple versions of my assets, each one of different size in order to adapt to different screen resolutions. I use GIMP just rarely, in the case that I need to adjust the images created with Inkscape. I draw my hero using Inkscape, and this is the result: Now since it's an isometric game, the hero needs to move in all the four directions, and he also needs to aim the shotgun to different directions. I will also need to draw the hero with more weapons, but for now I have this one. Now the question is: should I draw a new version of the hero for all the possible directions in which the shotgun could be pointed, or there is a smarter way? The only options that come to my mind are: Drawing the hero aiming the shotgun only in the main directions (maybe 0°, 15°, 30°, etc...) Drawing the hero aiming in 3 directions (0°, 45°, -45°) and then finding a way to interpolate the images in order to draw the hero aiming in the intermediate directions Using two separate layers, the top layer to draw the arms and the shotgun of the hero, and rotating it in the desired direction Clearly the best way would be to redraw the hero for each aiming direction, but it requires too much work. If instead I choose the 3rd option I think I'd get not so much realistic results. What do you suggest? or maybe there is a smarter way?
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