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  1. Hi, My name's Jamie and I'm 19. I made a post similar to this one about a year ago, looking for a team. A little about me; I'm a 3D modeller and game designer. My primary modelling software is Blender, I have recently began to use Substance Painter 2018 for texture and material work and I have far more experience with Unreal Engine 4 than I did when I first posted here. Organic models are not really my forte and I tend to focus on hard surface modelling and environmental work. I feel now is a good time to get involved with a team and sink my teeth into a project. Whether it be an already formed team or a team which is just getting together. I don't have much of a preference as far as game genre goes but with me being a 3D modeller, a 3D based project is a requirement. I'd love to work with a group of similar minded individuals who are passionate, ambitious and who have a desire to learn and grow as developers. If you're interested in working together or have any further questions then feel free to send me a PM! Link to my portfolio: (If you have any issues accessing the portfolio link then please let me know - the link has been a bit hit and miss recently, apologies about that) Thanks Jamie
  2. Hi, My name's Jamie and I'm 18. I've been interested in Game Development for a year or so, but now I have the time to get serious about it. I'm looking to pursue the 3d modelling/design route along with some animation. I have relatively little experience in 3d modelling but I'm not completely new. I have just over 200 hours experience using blender, I have a basic understanding of using Quixel suite 2.0 for texturing and I've also dabbled a little in ZBrushCore for sculpting. In terms of game engine experience, I have used both unity and unreal engine 4. I've only recently begun playing around in unreal engine so my knowledge is fairly limited. All in all, I'm new but know enough to get started! I would like to begin developing a small title within the realms of possibility (so no MMO's :D) with people in a similar situation, where they may have slightly limited experience but want a focus and want to get creating. I think working in a small team will help significantly in the learning process and hopefully will be a lot of fun as we'll be creating a game in the process. With me being focused on the 3d modelling aspects, a programmer in a similar boat is primarily what I'm hoping for but everyone of all aspects of game development are welcome to send me a PM. In theory, the more people, the more we'll develop individually as developers. I have no preconceived game idea, so as long as it's not ridiculously ambitious, I'm open to discussing ideas for our first project. If you're interested in working together or have further questions then feel free to send me a PM! Thanks
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