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  1. MetalTug

    Why do games tend to limit their form?

    There could be a chance that switching genres could add freshness to a game, and could perhaps rekindle the childlike wonder of not knowing what comes next. However,when switching genres in a video game may have the potential to lose it's identity. In my opinion, the best games are the ones that start with a simple core gameplay loop, and gradually build to a complex yet fun challenge. Constantly changing the genre would damage this flow, and instead of gradually building up your skills over time, it feels more like your turning off the game you're currently playing and starting a new one. It leaves less room for complexity, and in terms of marketing, instead of finding people that like the genre for your game, you would have to market to people who conveniently enjoy all the styles of game play that your title has, making it incredibly niche. This is my stance on your proposal, but don't let it stop you from attempting to make a title such as the one you described.
  2. MetalTug

    Turn-Based, SP, Combat-System Idea

    You're fine man, just keep working on your project, it's an awesome idea. Update us as you go along, and I'm sure a lot more people will be interested once your game gets closer to completion. I'll be sure to check it out once you have something to show.
  3. MetalTug

    Facial expressions game?

    Make sure that you have something to incentivize the player to keep moving (i.e. a level timer that counts down) or something else to make sure that the player isn't just moving really slow and waiting for the creature to make an expression. Sounds like it could be fun though!
  4. I'm a college game design major, but I have also picked up on some basic programming. I've done some stuff in Javascript, AS3, Visual Basic, Stencyl, and I'm now moving into using C# in Unity. Just as a general programming question, what are some tricks/techniques that any programmer can do, regardless of coding language, to make sure that their game runs as smoothly as it possibly can, in terms of frame rate?
  5. MetalTug

    Multiplayer FPS with superheroes/villains

    This is very ambitious, and is sounding to be an excellent game. What I would recommend is to start making a 2D version, or even a card game, to maybe help spread awareness of the amazing characters and world you've built. This is an amazing start though!
  6. MetalTug

    Level design, Examples needed

    Is this what you're looking for? I just typed in "Unity Endless Runner" on Youtube.
  7. 1). You could use better wording than saying to add things that are "redundant activities." I agree that you should add things in the main quest line that re-iterate on the main game play loop, but the player should never think of that word when playing a game, even if it is an RPG 2). I've never played ME Andromeda, but it seems that one of your main problems with the game contradicts with a statement you said in #1 about adding "redundant activities" to help familiarize the player with the core game play loop. Perhaps you could make a distinction about this in the first blog. 3). Please don't call people who play games stupid on a blog about gaming. Hope this helps!
  8. MetalTug

    How to add more 'juice' to grid based movement?

    Personally, I like movement where the player snaps to each individual square, like a tile based rouge like game, as it lets the player move at their own pace, but perhaps if you'd like a better answer for your question, you'd have to be more specific on what you mean by making movement more "juicy."
  9. When prototyping, you begin to build a foundation for your game. When building a foundation, it's important to have a single focused vision on what your game should be. frob is right, you should be experimental to see what works, but at the end of the day, you should know who you're making your game for, and the archetypes mentioned in this talk is an excellent start.
  10. MetalTug

    Turn-Based, SP, Combat-System Idea

    Hello Mr. Ridiculous, I think what you have for the basic idea sounds like it could be a lot of fun, I think it could be an entire game on it's own. I'd say make a prototype of that, and polish it to a tee. Once you have the core gameplay loop down, slowly start to add in the specifics, and test as you go. Knowing how players react to each feature will be good indicators of how and when to implement them into the game, if at all. In other words, make sure you test the hell out of your game to see what works and what doesn't. I'm sure you can take it from there
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