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  1. TChan

    Taking a Break

    On this episode of the Game Dev Loadout podcast, I explained why I need to take a break and the future of the podcast. tony@gamedevloadout.com https://www.gamedevloadout.com/
  2. On this episode of the Game Dev Loadout podcast, I interviewed Andrew Abedian of Survios. His studio made the adrenaline platformer Sprint Vector and the critically-acclaimed Raw Data, the first VR-exclusive game to hit #1 on Steam's Global Best Seller list. You’ll learn how to make VR levels, Andrew experience of working 90 hours a week, and why you should have the courage to try out many things. Thanks again to Andrew for the awesome interview and I hope you enjoy. Connect with Andrew Abedian Andrew Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/andrewabedian/ Survios Website https://survios.com/ Survios Twitter https://twitter.com/Survios GDC 2018 Keynote: Sprint Vector's Fluid Locomotion VR Tech https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pzXisCEaud0 Game Sprint Vector https://store.steampowered.com/app/590690/Sprint_Vector/ Game Raw Data https://store.steampowered.com/app/436320/Raw_Data/ https://www.gamedevloadout.com/
  3. On this episode of the Game Dev Loadout podcast, I interviewed Mark Barlet of AbleGamers Charity. With 25 years of hands-on experience in the assistive technology field. You’ll learn how you can use accessibility as a crowd differentiator, what motivated Mark to help the world play video games and to help you realize the huge market of people with disabilities. Thanks again to Mark for the awesome interview and I hope you enjoy. Connect with Mark Barlet LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/markbarlet/ Mark Twitter https://twitter.com/markbarlet Website http://www.ablegamers.org/ Ablegamers Player Panel with Disabilities http://www.ablegamers.org/player-panels/ Ablegamers Donation http://www.ablegamers.org/ways-to-give/ Ablegamers Twitter https://twitter.com/ablegamers Includification https://www.includification.com/ Salvador Dali “Dreams of Dali” https://www.youtube.com/TheDaliMuseum Xbox Adaptive Controller https://www.xbox.com/xbox-adaptive-controller https://www.gamedevloadout.com/
  4. On this episode of the Game Dev Loadout podcast, I interviewed Michel Mony of Cathar Games Inc. He is actually the consultant of past guest Tommy Roekkum. He specializes in product management, project workflow, and business development. You’ll learn how Michel overcome his worst moment that lasted over TWO YEARS, why validating your idea first before doing a Kickstarter is important, and ways to market to the public using stories specifically on how you created your game. Thanks again to Michel for the awesome interview and I hope you enjoy. Connect with Michel Mony Email Michel.Mony@cathargames.com Michel LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/michelmony/ Cathar Games LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/cathar-games/ Cathar Games Facebook https://www.facebook.com/cathargames/ Website https://www.cathargames.com/ https://www.gamedevloadout.com/
  5. On this episode of the Game Dev Loadout podcast, I interviewed Darren Bacon of 343 Industries. He is a concept artist that contributed to companies like Bungie, Disney, and Electronic Arts. You’ll learn why you need to tailor your portfolio, how Darren dealt with studio closers and relocation, and the benefits of adding meditation to your habit. Thanks again to Darren for the awesome interview and I hope you enjoy. Connect with Darren Bacon Personal Website https://darrenbacon.com/ His Artstation https://www.artstation.com/darrenbacon Twitter @baconsbytes Instagram https://www.instagram.com/baconsbytes/ https://www.gamedevloadout.com/
  6. On this episode of the Game Dev Loadout podcast, I interviewed Jay Powell, founder of the Powell Group. He specializes in business development, licensing, and marketing with over 20 years of experience. You’ll learn why following up with important people is crucial, how Jay got ropey dope while working with another developer, and reasons to disengage from work. Thanks again to Jay for the awesome interview and I hope you enjoy. Connect with Jay: Website: http://powellgroupconsulting.com/ Company Twitter: https://twitter.com/PowellGrp My Twitter: https://twitter.com/Powell_Jay LinkedIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jaypowell/ Indie Game Business on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/indiegamebusiness YouTube Playlists: Powell Group YouTube page: http://bit.ly/PowellGroupYouTube Indie Game development playlist - http://bit.ly/IndieGameDevelopmentVideos Indie game marketing playlist - http://bit.ly/IndieGameMarketingVideos Indie game law and business playlist - http://bit.ly/IndieGameLawandBizVideos Self publishing playlist - http://bit.ly/IndieSelfPublishingVideos Signup for Jay's guides/newsletter Free indie developer business guides - http://bit.ly/FreeBusinessGuides https://www.gamedevloadout.com/
  7. On this episode of the Game Dev Loadout podcast, I interviewed Michael Futter, the author of The GameDev Business Handbook. He has 8+ years of experience in the game industry. A former editor at Game Informer. You’ll learn why opportunity cost is important, reasons to avoid the founder’s syndrome, and understand what is fair use. Enjoy! The GameDev Business HandBook Mike Website https://www.gamedevloadout.com/
  8. On the Game Dev Loadout podcast, we discuss how to communicate your game to the audience, cultivating long-term relationships, and absorbing user feedback. Chris Remo is the designer and composer over at Campo Santo which created the highly praised game Firewatch. He also co-hosts many podcasts including Import If True, Idle Thumbs, The Idle Book Club, and more. Currently, they are working on In the Valley of Gods. Items Mentioned: Chris Website Chris Twitter In the Valley of Gods Website Campo Santo Website Idle Thumbs Shows Article “Analysis: System Shock 2“ Gamasutra https://www.gamedevloadout.com/
  9. On Game Dev Loadout, we discuss how IndieMEGABOOTH was started, how to showcase your game at events, and the cost of inaction. Kelly Wallick is the founder of Indie Megabooth which mission is to bring indie games to the forefront of the gaming community. Game devs go to this event to network with fans, colleagues, and even publishers. She also is an IGF(indie games festival) chairman and co-organizer of BitSummit. Items Mentioned: Kelly Twitter Email contact@indiemegabooth.com Indie Megabooth Website Indie Megabooth Facebook Indie Megabooth Twitter BitSummit Twitter IGF Twitter Final Games Podcast Kelly Wallick Episode 63 https://www.gamedevloadout.com/
  10. We discuss the importance of being comfortable, why crunch needs to be avoided, and how her old office was full of holes. Katharine Neil has 19 plus years of experience in the game industry working on a variety of genres including racing games, third-person shooters, management sims, and more. She blogs and speaks at GDC. Currently, she is the narrative designer for Nyam Nyam Games currently working on a project called Astrologaster. Items Mentioned: Katharine Twitter Katharine Email Katharine GDC Talk Game Design Tools Katharine Gamasutra Blog How We Design Games Now and Why Game Website Astrologaster Company Website NyamNyamGames Mark Brown Game Maker’s Toolkit Book The Art of Game Design by Jesse Schell Pomodoro Technique GDC Vault https://www.gamedevloadout.com/
  11. On the Game Dev Loadout podcast, join Cliff Harris from Positech Games as we discuss AI programming, interpersonal skills, buying a great chair for comfort, and much more. He is an indie game developer from the UK, behind strategy and sim games such as Democracy and Gratuitous Space Battles. His company also published games such as Big Pharma and Political Animals. Cliff is a big blogger writing about game development and his thoughts on the game industry. Items Mentioned: Cliff Website Positech Games Website Cliff Twitter Cliff Youtube Game Production Line Aeron Chair C++ books https://www.gamedevloadout.com/
  12. On the Game Dev Loadout podcast, join Jason Canam from Household Games Incorporation as we discuss making games accessible, taking timeline seriously, benefits of being in a community, and much more. He found his company in 2016 which is focused on creating high-quality and stylized original IP content for consoles and PC. He used to be the game designer for DrinkBox Studios working on Guacamelee! Championship Edition and now his current game The Way of the Passive Fist is out now. Items Mentioned: Jason Twitter Company Website Company Twitter Game The Way of the Passive Fist Clint Lexa Twitch Halfcoordinated Twitter Games Done Quick https://www.gamedevloadout.com/
  13. “To do anything decent in life, you have to stick at it.” Jake Birkett has been an indie developer since 2005 for his company Grey Alien Games. HIs work includes Shadowhand and Regency Solitaire. He also writes blogs about his experience. Join us as we discuss making games faster, how he took the huge risk of going indie, and much more. Items Mentioned: Jake Website Jake Twitter Facebook Email info@greyaliengames.com Game Shadowhand Game Regency Solitaire Steve Pavlina: Cultivating Burning Desire BlitzBasic Unity Forum Indie Meetup Vancouver https://www.gamedevloadout.com/
  14. On the Game Dev Loadout podcast, join Nick Culbertson of Moby Pixel as we discuss the importance of updating your game as technology advances, turning negative experiences into positive, the meaning of game dev, and much more. He is the host of a new game developer podcast called Game Dev Deconstructed where he explores the process of game development providing you with an in-depth, tactical blueprint for navigating the game industry. He is also an indie developer and the founder of Moby Pixel that specializes in making music apps and rythmes games. Items Mentioned: Podcast Website Nick Email gamedevdeconstructed@gmail.com Company Website Moby Pixel Twitter Dallas Meetup Group NERDbody Pico-8 https://www.gamedevloadout.com/
  15. We discuss the benefits of having a game consultant, his experience of hiring a freelancer, how he got a publisher, and much more. Tommy is the Project lead and CEO of Trym Studios, hailing out of Norway, currently working on their first game, a 17th century trade sim! Tommy, coming from the oil industry made a big transition from a safe and well paid job over to creating his own game studio and going for a very ambitions game, getting a publisher at the start of development and funds to create a demo. Items Mentioned: Tommy Twitter Company Twitter Game The Whaler Twitter Game The Whaler Website IndieDB Gamedev.net Tigsource Game Dev on Udemy https://www.gamedevloadout.com/
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