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  1. Introduction Hi well to begin I'm a full time general insurance and marketing salesman who finds myself with a lot of free time, I work for both Target and Primerica as a marketing agent, but that is not why I am here. I am here because I want to create a video game, however same goes for everyone here. I have a dream that I want to shape into reality, and to prove that marketing and accounting is not the only thing I am good at. Project The project is a card game that I call Laning Phase, original intention was a 5v5 concept using the extinct Bandai play style. Laning Phase is a turned based game where there exist 5 separate lanes where the cards can only attack their corresponding lanes similar to plant vs zombies except slower. The concept of the game is to poke fun of 3 factoring genres and mix them into 1, which is Mobile RPG, TCG, and MOBAs. In this game during a players turn each of the existing cards have 1 action in which they could preform such as moving lanes, attacking, and healing. however looking at a phones screen size depending on development it might be a 3v3 card game instead. To make the game more interesting each character card has its own sets of skill tree for players to actually customize their own. The game will also have a auto-play function for players who are baffled on what they could do, or needed to afk for a minute, not encouraging afk, but you know how irritating it is and how bad a player would feel if one didn't do anything for a whole turn and you attacked him, with him coming back apologizing and your the bully for hitting a busy person. The game will also have a clan/friends raid system, before games with raids were exclusive to clans and in game friends, but this concept will allow players to share into social media that they would need help on a raid, a pre existing player that the summoning player didnt know existed may join in on random, a brand new player may join in with an incentive for both the summoning player and the new player. Whats Completed? So I have completed the Storyboard and Road map... on graph paper. I have also completed the balancing of game play, skill tree and as well as other play ability and activities the game has to offer, Issue, it was with Index Cards. Ill also be stealing art from my sister (yea shes an artist woohoo) but that wasn't free and ill pay her later when I see her again. How it looks and functions of gameplay, how the game works, rules and everything is ready. What I Need? As you may know, advertising and design is all done but the most obvious part is, I have no programming knowledge. I need someone who's able to actually put whats drawn into play not completely more or less make a Game Makers UI. The Game Makers UI is an offline UI that's designed to add cards into the game via a simple menu. There's 4 different Card Types , 8 different categories and 21 different stat types. I envisioned the UI to include a simple drop down menu for those 3 sections being that there can only be 1 card type per card, 2 possible sub categories (kind of like typing's) and at least 6 different stat types available for each card as well as a insert image section. (Dumb idea, I know). I need someone to actually put the storyboard road map into screen and make a protected server. I need someone to make card templates as well as a play board template. Also if possible a few artists who is willing to loan some pre-existing scrap masterpieces they would like to show to the world. The UI will also allow me to edit pre-existing cards in case re-balancing is needed as well as where to gain the card in the game. I will also need an auto-play AI for non-live play, and Raids. Marketing Fun little subject that does need to go over, I am aware that the position I work in and the goal here does sound pretty bad, but rest assured i'm no greedy pig. I'm not for the pay to win concept, in fact every card I designed is balanced, you could pay more without getting an actual point in hand. Every card is obtainable for free in game via certain means (Farm for them scrubs). I personally believe in the word of mouth system. The idea of a free to play online card game without a pay to win function is absurd but it is something players including myself have been looking forward to in a long time. The game will have a shop system which is primarily purchasable in game earned points for those lazy enough to literally farm for them, they can just farm the points to get the card, for players lazy enough to farm for points obviously I cant deny their wallet to speak to the game. The word of mouth, or sharing system is that a 3rd set of in game currency can be earned by referring a friend to join with another special incentive. By doing so raises player base fairly quickly, but obviously no one will work for free because its demoralized, but to say if the game does goes successful regardless if it does or not, I will pay what is owed for your time and dedication when its completed and even after.
  2. 2Janna1Challice

    Paper Souls (Concept)

    This is just a concept and i would one day like to make this come true, i do have tons of crazy ideas and would like some feedback. PS i got no computing or programming skills whats so ever, but i can be very creative. Paper Souls is a online mobile or web browser game where players gets to draw their own Heroes. Really? nope that would be hard to animate and program. Instead Players get to choose from a few body shapes and pick how the hero would look like including eyes mouth, antennae, if the hero have wings or a tail or a ghostly bottom. Players can also share their creations and have a option to copy their friends hero molds with a click of a button. If the player does not own a piece to the mold, then the player will then be asked to switch or remove that specific piece. So the game starts off with giving a player a summon stone, summon stones are then used to summon a paper soul which is unique characteristics and passive from there the player can create their hero. The Background is a Scratch paper filler with a tree in it, every few seconds the tree will drop a fruit in which the hero who fortunately has a bottomless pit will be able to eat if the player clicks the fruit. The background can also display Energy, Stamina, and player level Energy is used to do quests and to attack the raid boss, Replenishes 1 every 5 minutes Stamina is used to participate in Arena Battles, replenishes 1 every 5 minutes player leveling, when a player levels up they have a choice of what stats they prefer to have up Energy Count Stamina or a free Hero Page Players also get a skill point to be used in a skill tree. Scrolling to The left you have the Barn option which allows you to customize and pick which hero you want to be active. Heroes will have 6 equipment slots Weapon. Boots, Armor, Gloves, Rune, and Talisman In case you are curious equipment does not change appearances Scrolling to the right you have a travel switch that opens up options in a map showing a quest path, within the map players can find the Shop, Guild, Arena, Home, and Alter options. Clicking on a Quest node will allow your hero to battle a fixed scenario for loot and prizes however the loot and finding are completely random number generated. Some paper souls have passives that can fix looting for farming needs. Shop - Used to buy new customization appearances, Summon Stones, Equipment, and Page Slots, occasionally special specific souls can appear here as well Summon Stones - Used at the Alter to create a new Paper Soul Page Slots - a bonus room to have an extra hero (heroes can be switched out via home) Special Souls - Souls that can be summon but can be bought guaranteed Guild - Here you can create a guild or search to join one, participate in Guild raids and wars. Guild raids will always be active and special rewards are earned for participating in raids by using Energy to attack the Raid boss. There is also a crafting station in the guild if an item is farmed enough with a few combinations players can choose what equipment they would like to craft. Guild Wars the guild leader has a option to search for one, they last up to 24 hours and each player gets a maximum of 2 attacks. Battle screen - In an Arena and a guild war battle, it will have all available heroes from both parties clash in an epic battle simulator type of scenario, but to prevent lag in case of emergency only a maximum of 10 heroes from each side can be seen at once, when a hero dies it fades off the screen and another enters (no their death ain't permanent ya dinguses) Last side standing determines the victor Arena - Arena is where players go to spend stamina to attack another player, there will be a re-roll button and a list of 3 can be seen detailing how many heroes you have to go against for each one, the enemy players level and guild they are from. Player gains a fraction of the enemy players gold if the battle is won (5%) You can't invade the same player twice. Alter is where you go to retire a hero for space, Level up a hero with gold, or use summon stones to create a new hero with a new paper soul. Paper Soul examples Oh Karp (Soul) - Level 1 Passive - Raises the chance of getting invaded by 5% Passive - Generates 5 gold per minute wile you are away Passive - Raises Health of all units by 1% Passive - recoil damage = 5% dealt Health - 80 Attack - 5 Armor - 10 Attack Speed - 0.5 a second Oh Karp (Soul) - Level 50 Passive - Raised the chance of getting invaded by 5% Passive - Generates 30 gold per minute wile you are away Passive - Raised Health of all units by 20% Passive Recoil damage = 30% dealt Health - 300 Attack - 15 Armor - 20 Attack Speed - 2.2 a second Armor reduces .1% damage dealt for each point, Heroes have a maximum of 50 levels Cost of leveling up a hero starts at 1000 and raises by 100 for each passing level Leveling a hero will raise 1 random passive by 1 value and 1 random stat by 1 value. (Actually pretty fixed and set depending on the paper soul) Each paper soul will have 4 passives
  3. 2Janna1Challice

    Game Concept: Not Another Hero Game.

    Hmm the closest idea i have to a solution is, what if there were 10 skills available for a tree, but yet lower the effects of each skill, where it can still be noticeable but not broken
  4. 2Janna1Challice

    Game Concept: Not Another Hero Game.

    Thank you i did change a few things i can see how the perma buff idea would be bad and instead changed it into a skill tree based on progression.
  5. 2Janna1Challice

    Game Concept: Not Another Hero Game.

    fair that was a good scout, it has seemed alot needed to be changed. I will work on it
  6. So from time to time i do come up with the weirdest video game concepts, and to keep my creativity at a all time high I would like some feedback of this concept. Note: I'm not a dev, i just have crazy imaginations and ideas in my head. In terms of computing i have like 0 idea on how to do. Not Another Hero Game (Actual title) its a play on the games like Idle Heroes, Brave Frontier and similar 6 hero games. With the mix of Idle clicker games concept of rebirth, or restarting. So the game has a unique concept where its still 3v3 action, however the players have a lineup list of heroes, where if one dies another one will take its place in the field on the next turn and the hero that died would be on a 12 hour cool down. Player can pick who they want to send out next in a scrolling menu that appears, if none is picked, the one closest to the top will be sent out withing 2 minutes To keep things simple, there's actually only 10 heroes available at start of design with 5 different types working in a rock paper scissors situation being said each hero have a color pallet switch. Example Hero A looks the same as Hero B in model, however their colors are different because Hero A is Fire (Red) and Hero B is Leaf (Green) Therefore Hero A is strong against Hero B Water > Fire > Leaf > Light > Dark Q - Why is Leaf beats Light? A - Leaf Covers Sunshine and plant life drains Sun rays to grow Q - Then Why does Dark beats Water? A - Water Is More Pressured the deeper and darker it gets, oil which dark in nature also pollutes water. Q-What If All Player Heroes Died? A-The Player then has the choice to either rebirth for Diamonds which would be available post Wave 50, Or When the next 6 heroes is out of cool down the battle will start with them. Like prevent the game from continuing until 6 heroes are available The Rebirth Option will not appear unless all player Heroes are dead Q:Is There a limit to how many Heroes a player can have? A:By default 50 size can be increased later on, However the max Hero in Guild Party is 50 During gameplay the screen should show the ongoing battle, with a button on the top right displaying 4 menues. Being Heroes, Shop, Guild, and Alter Clicking On Heroes will display all available heroes Players can either level up their heroes with gold or change their current equipment. Rebirthing will reset the Heroes Level to 1 Heroes have a distinct rarity from (C,U,R,SR), its to keep the game more flavorful. normal hero games have rarity of 1 star to 5 stars and sometimes above, wile in this game stars is just a symbol of power (of course all games are like that too) Shop- The Shop is there to purchase summon stones, specific heroes and Equipment for your heroes with the use of rebirth Diamonds. Some occasions perma buffs do appear to purchase. perma buffs change the game play of the game slightly and doesn't go away even after rebirthing again The shop can refresh every 3 hours up to the players decision by a refresh button in shop Alter - Here You can either sacrifice unwanted heroes for diamonds, or combine the same 4 heroes to move it up 1 star. rules applied that the same hero must be at the same star level. You can also summon new heroes with summon scrolls, theres no way in summoning anything above 1 star, every hero starts off the same, can you imagine spawning something in a high level and explaining how it got there? You can also craft specific R Rares, and SR Super Rares by trading a specific few from the below tiers, And last but not least Guilds Guilds will have its own personal Guild raid type battle going on Guilds will have 4 menus - Shop, Chat, War, Donate, Back button should be on the top left Guild Raid, occurs passively Players can only see their 6 attacking the raid boss, and will be unable to see Guild members current team facing off the boss. Defeating Each wave or dealing X amounts of damage offers Guild Coins which can be used in the guild shop. Guild Shop - Like a normal shop but uses Guild Coins. Special specific items are available in the guild shop as well. guild stone - used to summon special beast or animal like heroes, by default the normal summon stones have human/undead/orc/elf looking heroes. Only available at the guild shop Chat- talk to guildmates. War - Guild leader can put up a search in guild war, when a war is active, you will see a score board and names of both allies and enemies, click invade on an enemy to see your hero army fight against their hero army in 6v6 turn base action. Defeating an enemy in an invade score points, defending does not score any points for you. Max two attacks per war. Players can adjust their guild army in their heroes menu or during a war. Defeating an enemy player or successfully defending does offer guild coins. Donation - this shows the list of guild members, you can request specific 1 star heroes and also donate as well. Donating gives both diamonds and guild coins, max 1 request every 6 hours. to make things easier every 500 max waves cleared after rebirthing will up the amount of heroes you can receive by 1 Example if you reach 3000 waves, you can receive a max request in donation of 7. Heroes can go up to 10 stars max. or 5 red. Heroes have 3 passive abilities and 1 auto active with more stars the stronger the abilities. heroes has a default stats from 1 star, and each stat goes up by 10% for each star being that at 10 stars heroes would be 2x stronger than their base form by stat wise. Hero stats are, Health, Armor, Attack, Speed heroes have 5 classes, mage, tank, ranger, assassin, priest mage can target multiple units tank can take in more damage and can self sustain ranger can deal damage overtime effect and hard crowd control an enemy assassins has heavy single target damage priest heals/buffs ally heroes Rebirth - after wave 50 players can choose to rebirth to get diamonds used to purchase new equipment and summoning stones. each wave will add 1 guarantee diamond for rebirth, every 100 waves increases each future waves gain by an additional 1 diamond. example at wave 100 you will recieve 100 diamonds wave 200 = 300 diamonds wave 300 = 600 diamonds. this encourages players to push further. Skill Tree. Originally planned to be perma buffs then I realized it needed to be changed For every 100 maximum waves cleared players would earn 1 point for their skill tree, this is to encourage players to push harder. With the max of 10 skill points per skill Damage - designed for very active players to be able to go farther when they have nothing to do Fury - Units gains 1% bonus movement speed Break Legs - Units has 1% chance to stun an enemy on hit Kick Them wile They're Down - Deals 2% more damage to stunned enemies Set Fire - Attacks leave a burn dealing 2% bonus damage threw the course of 5 turns Join By Fear - 1% Chance to acquire a Basic summon stone every wave (at max level 1% chance to acquire Rare Summon Stone instead of 10% of Basic) Armor Break - Attack Steals 2% enemies Armor Relaxation - designed for players who have work, school, or just trying to catch some sleep Push With Supervision - Increase battle speed by 20% Push Wile I'm Away - Continues Pushing for a max of 50 waves wile you are offline Pickpocket - Increase Gold Gained by 10% Disable Eye - Increase Diamonds Gained by 5% Cheapscape - Leveling Up Heroes Cost 5% less gold Pick Up - has a 1% bonus chance every wave to pick up 5 diamonds (leveling this up increases the diamonds, not the chance) Assistance and Sustain - For Players who like to interact with the game Upon leveling up the first skill in this tree a bar will be available at the bottom of the screen, when a unit attacks or takes damage, the bar would be filled by 10% Dragon Flames - When The Bar is full Deal 10% of your first heroes attack power divided into all the enemies that are alive by clicking the screen Gold Boost - Tapping the screen boosts up the bar 1% per tap and grants you 1% of wave gold Flash Us Senpai - When The Bar Is Full Has a 10% chance to stun the enemy team Golden Shower - When The Bar Is Full Heals for 1% missing heroes health Fast Metabolism - Increase the fill rate from attack and damage by 1% Iggy To JoJo - You can now switch out heroes If damage reaches Critical (Less than 3%) (leveling this up increases the rate by 3%) Switching out heroes will have their Health Regenerated 1% a minute instead of going into direct cooldown Sooo thats all i came up with, what do you guys think?
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