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  1. Always looking for good writing as I does take a long time, have you got any examples of something you have written?
  2. Seeking persons that can do blueprints or C++ as were running a custom server, were just working hard to get a playable base to fund raise, I do the occasional fund raising by working my self to pay a little to those who work well, lastly I wont ask you to be on everyday only when you can give us your time, just that if we need to chat in voice or something, you make the time to check in =D. here is my original link if you wish to know about the game thank you.
  3. Nope theirs always room for motivated people whats your skill set?
  4. https://gyazo.com/9c50250ecdb65114f1ba60f9c170939e Update working on animations for left side movement. https://gyazo.com/835afa5d4c566e7c75d89f7492c06b93 Directional attacking testing. https://gyazo.com/9c50250ecdb65114f1ba60f9c170939e
  5. Updated the work in progress 07/27/2018 Update 2
  6. Yes its old but I update it yes I love to see what your interested in.
  7. Anderfell

    Comic writer looking for collaborators

    Message sent =D
  8. **[ROYALTY]** Note you may have seen this project before and it is not a copy just new account that is updated thank you. Hello my name is Brandon, We are currently seeking two new members for our team, before applying you must be aware that we are seeking people that are 100% committed to this project, you must be reachable within the day, replying to questions or responding to our messages and in general be actively online, otherwise I ask nicely that you do not apply. The persons we are seeking are an experienced Programmer with knowledge in c++ the c++ and familiarity with unreal is the main thing were seeking, other teams we are currently looking for are 3D artists to work on Humanoid models Props and more, were are also seeking other team members such as Generalists that understands the Unreal Engine, Animators for Human, Non Human and Objects were keeping the team small and having whats needed so feel free to apply. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [SEEKING CURRENT POSITIONS] [Animators] x 3 [ Human, Non Human, Rigging, FPS Hands] [3D Artist] x3 [ Organics, Human and Creatures, Props and Architecture [Concept Artist] x2 [ Environments, Characters, Model Sheets, Coloring and Line Work,] [UI Artist] x1 [ Passion for Sci Fi Genre ] [FX Artist] x1 [ Particle Effects, Shaders & Lighting, Texturing] [Generalist] x 1 [ We would like someone that has good knowledge of Unreal Engine that can set up anything we need in Engine. ] [Writer] x 1 [ We would need someone that can work with me on game documents, organisation of documents story arcs, character development, dialogue creation, text editing and other text related jobs. ] [PROGRAMMER] "Game-play Mechanics " The project is Royalties and when any fund raising is made you will also receive some funding based off that, this is divided depending on amount of hours made toward the game, there are no contracts till game turns to a more serious note. The game is a Action RPG with online elements this will be an ongoing project, we are running ssh servers, and Prefroce. We have a small staff of experienced people. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We do have some artwork to show of the world a little and what it's about, If you are interested in joining the project please contact us at: Anderfell info: Anderfell#5123 on Discord nevarra@hotmail.com email We are active on Discord and maybe take a day or two to reply to emails on our website as we receive a few a daily we need to sort through thanks. https://digitalforgedstudios.com/ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Comic Panel http://imgur.com/a/905pd Artwork http://imgur.com/a/0JchV Models http://imgur.com/a/jdhWu Game Document https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bNlP-qwR15BLGG66hDUcewqlWIPP4flnHxRwxfhNmTE/edit?usp=sharing Regards Brandon Digital Forged Game Development Team.
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