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  1. shahrukh

    [Android] Bounce N Bang [Puzzle][Free]

    Hi , We have launched our game's premium version as some of players requested for ad-free version. Bounce N Bang has been one of the newest type of physics puzzle game in android market with a wonderful story line. Save the village beat the evil with your cannon and your strategy on how to kneel down whole kingdom with different cannon , fireballs and bouncy game play In this premium version you have NO ADS at all , unlimited cannonballs , double firepower ,one power up enhanced and much more. Game is on a a great deal at this moment , on sale of 60% off for 3 days and available for family library too so have fun guys. Play store link
  2. shahrukh

    [Android] Bounce N Bang [Puzzle][Free]

    Hey guys we have updated our physics puzzler with even more engaging game play and free fire rounds that are awarded during game (if you play your cards well), you can also get to play with new fireballs . With so much going on we have a New game video trailer [media] Play store link
  3. shahrukh

    [Android] Bounce N Bang [Puzzle][Free]

    Featured Cannon - Bounce N Bang update Update : A new cannon is launched . Get your update of 'Bounce n Bang' and unlock that new heavy duty cannon. Download here : Play store link
  4. shahrukh

    [Android] Bounce N Bang [Puzzle][Free]

    Hey guys we have officially launched our game's landing page / website : Bounce n bang - Web site link
  5. shahrukh

    [Android] Bounce N Bang [Puzzle][Free]

    New Updates on game : Bounce N Bang Now play 50 Levels of this physics based game , its brain challenging stages will refresh your mind.Make the best line of fire and fire your cannon.+ free gift for those who are taking update https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.shah.BnB&hl=en
  6. shahrukh

    [Android] Bounce N Bang [Puzzle][Free]

    Thanks @Atwo Studios we did take some time to develop this , around 8 months before proper launch , as all its graphics , musics etc are our own developed.. Still we are updating this game.. Not finished yet .. Glad you like it
  7. shahrukh

    [Android] Bounce N Bang [Puzzle][Free]

    Another Awesome Update --More Crisp and juicy graphics + animation for more fun and interactive game play (view below)-Get it now + Gift inside game for those who are updating https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.shah.BnB&hl=en Free Play Store Download
  8. shahrukh

    [Android] Bounce N Bang [Puzzle][Free]

    Updates : Bounce N Bang - Physics based puzzle game is now updated with more stages- Now total of 40 stages are in game . Where new level of jungle is introduced in last 10 stages. Check it out if you haven't already , plus there is a GIFT for you inside game if you are already a player :). Play Store - Bounce N Bang - Free - No Ads - Download
  9. Have you played physics puzzles , which are very addictive and you just can't take your mind off that stage you’re stuck on, well here's another of those logic puzzles ; totally free . Bounce N Bang Play Store Trailer: Using cannon, shoot your enemy or bounce cannon-ball through walls guiding it towards their building.Rotate cannon , place moving walls , making the best angle ; just so when you open fire , ball hits the target. Key features:➤ Currently 30 levels (more coming soon)➤ Innovative game play (logical thinking , openfire / shooting cannonball, bounce off borders)➤ Fun animation (especially of explosion)➤ Simple and addictive (solve the puzzle, which gets difficult)Not always that easy, when you openfire , line of shot should hit the end point after limited reflection.How•Use touch or buttons to rotate cannon.• Aiming at enemy directly or bounce off walls guiding it towards them. • Rotate and place moving walls at suitable points ; so when you openfire, BANG ! Cannonball hits the target. Little story if interested : Zormen kingdom has forcefully taken over a village and jailed its inhabitants; few of them have managed to escape prison .They are now trying to get back their occupied land and people. You are a savior who is helping villagers . Provided with cannon you need to destroy enemy's castle. Further story inside game. Screenshots:
  10. shahrukh

    Getting Your Games Noticed

    hi bro, keep doing this good work .. I would like to get some from your side here's my new game : Bounce N Bang: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.shah.BnB
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