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  1. Hi, could you describe in more detail what you want? Do you want to hire a team or do you want to join the team? Thank you
  2. Hello Guys! Please share your experience, where is it better to find sales manager specialists for indie team of 6 + people(remotely)? Maybe someone has a good experience of cooperation with finding projects through sale managers(USA and Canada)? Thank you Best Regards Alex Vovk Co-Founder of Sixteen Squares Alexander_Vovk@outlook.com
  3. Hi friends, Being working for some time in the game industry (we are a game development team) we have figured out that we need help of some person like a Business manager. The person who will help us to find new clients so it will let us to concentrate on the development process rather that on researching. Share your experience please, where is it better to find such person and what is a proper way to build a relationship with him? Any advises will be helpful. Thank you in advance!
  4. Looking for Business manager for new projects research

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