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  1. SkyPenguin


    I'm alive! Version B.92 released yesterday Feedback appreciated
  2. SkyPenguin

    How Do I Quit This Site?

    Mm... you could always just stick to game dev talk rather than politics? But if it makes you feel better Hillary Clinton supported Trump in the republican primaries. Thus by supporting Hillary Clinton they're also supporting your candidate. Vote Green.
  3. SkyPenguin

    Starting a browser game.

    learn javascript next. Plenty of great tutorials out there.
  4. SkyPenguin

    Which country should get taxes?

    mm... USA rule is to pay taxes to both USA and whatever country you're in.
  5. SkyPenguin

    Tile map bad performance

    so all of that's in your core graphics loop? keeping in mind that I'm not a Java programmer, avoid instantiating variables inside the loop. make the variable outside loop and then just play w/it from there. Don't make a call to canvas asking for its height in the loop. Make that a fixed variable set pre-loop. It's expensive to query canvas for its height. Things like that might not help a bunch, but should squeeze a little more fps out. If you're worried about people changing their screen size mid-game... well, most people don't, but just to make sure you can have a seperate loop that fires every.... .5 seconds? that will update canvas height/width variables. Much less taxing on system than doing that every 17 milliseconds.
  6. Mmm... dat's what premade engines are for. Lol, technically I build engines from scratch myself for games but I leverage fairly high-level graphics apis that save a lot of time. I don't have to program hue rotations or brightness shifts or calculate most transforms, I just say `hue-rotate(40%)` and the api gets the job done. Technically I use C/C++ code as well, but only through libraries and api's that provide higher-level access to most things. It doesn't provide the same control as programming everything from scratch but it provides _enough_ control.
  7. I realize c++ isn't a windows language, but a lot of folks were suggesting he move to unity where it's highly likely he'll have to pick up C#. I also realize C++ is a compiled language, never said it wasn't. Though technically it doesn't have to be fully compiled. If a lvl1 C++ programmer has studied the language for an hour, and a lvl 10 has been programming professionally for 10+ years... I'm like a lvl 3. Gave it up after Wasm turned out to be less than the hype. Also worth noting that a lot of bugs in JS code come from trying to support old windows products like IE8 that inexplicably haven't been retired.
  8. Meh, I was on the edge but I'd say I was still on topic. He mentioned that these were the languages he's learned: Languages Java Late 2014 Python Mid 2014 C++ Late 2015 HTML Mid 2017 Javascript Mid 2017 so html5 is on the list (it's not like i was suggesting he move to something he doesn't know at all) He also mentioned that he didn't want to waste time on dx11 shaders (which suggests that c++ is probably not the language for him if he doesn't get a thrill from spending time on things like that) and was thinking of sticking with dx9 as a result as well as a very old compiler (partially from another post of his) despite everyone telling him not to in order to stick with something he sort of knows. I offered an alternative, a switch from windows tech to something more crossplatform, namely openGL (or in HTML5 case, the pared down WebGL version of it). Considering that dx11 is already not the latest version (dx12 anyone?) maybe it's time for him to consider a switch b4 the latest Windows version renders whatever he's working on obsolete again thanks to planned obsolescence. I can't imagine any good reason for someone to fiddle around with dx9. If he really wants to make a game then he needs to switch. As far as what to switch to, I don't think he'd regret HTML5. I stand by my previous post.
  9. SkyPenguin

    Golden Age MMO

    sliding scale it? Got to be some way to half and half it. "Pure" solutions are rarely the best. I made one game where to save on processing power I pre-computed a table of 200 random values and looped through them rather than computing true random values thousands of times. Cost a teensy bit more hard drive and memory space but cut processing significantly. Also, to belatedly respond to the original thread: it sounds like you're missing a lot. Before searching for an artist I'd just grab some cheap/free art assets and toss them in game as placeholders until you replace them with something better. 2nd point: heavy authentication/key codes is not the best thing to start with, just adds overhead as you tinker with the game. I generally wait until I finish a prototype before messing with security.
  10. SkyPenguin

    Golden Age MMO

    hard drive space is cheap... holding all that stuff in memory or even swap, not so much. some of it might be worth pre-compiling. Oops, got confused about what was first post. replied to wrong one.
  11. ... windows executable, javascript, and an authent using java is not a combination of things I hear often. 1 or 2 out of 3 would be more reasonable. I've made a 2-player online card game though myself... nodeJS + websockets + javascript frontend is how I did it. zeit-pkg will package it into a windows app if desired but it's really not at all necessary. Also some options for native offline play that's getting pushed hard in browsers this year.
  12. SkyPenguin

    Managing a growing project

    Personally I just accept that there's going to be some level of technical debt. I start with prototypes and flesh out/reduce complexity & repeat code as I go without a huge fear of failure. Perhaps not the most efficient use of my time but I spend about 25% of my time adding content, 25% programming new features, 25% bugfixing, 10% other, and 15% reviewing the overall codebase to reduce complexity or flesh out prototyped systems with error-resistant mature versions. The benefit of the review process is that you're more knowledgeable about the general codebase when you go to add a new feature.
  13. SkyPenguin


    Version 70 released. Also working on an incremental game and a top-down rpg now.
  14. Feels like I just dropped acid playing this.
  15. making games for operating systems that no longer receive security upgrades isn't a gr8 idea. XP at least is still widely used but typically at businesses, business that would look poorly on employees that played games on them.
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