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  1. Dovahfox

    What is an expression?

    Well, sadly, I'm still very confused. Maybe I'll understand it when I'm more experienced. Thank you anyways.
  2. Dovahfox

    What is an expression?

    So essentially, it doesn't rely on previous codes to perform an action? Or do you mean like, don't do bad things that the compiler doesn't like?
  3. Dovahfox

    What is an expression?

    Alright, I understand that but it's the "standalone" part that I'm confused about, don't statements belong to methods so how can any statement be standalone?
  4. Dovahfox

    What is an expression?

    What do you mean by "smallest standalone piece of code you can legally write in a language"?
  5. Dovahfox

    What is an expression?

    Now I'm even more confused, I thought statements were just completed "thoughts" of codes but apparently, statements are something else in other languages?
  6. I'm having a hard time understanding expressions, what I'm perceiving is that expressions are things that can be evaluated right but what counts as something being evaluated, like does printing something in C# count as an expression, is declaring a variable without initializing it an expression? It doesn't have any value, right? I'm just very confused, I also wonder how it ties in with a statement because it seems that every statement is an expression, I mean, why wouldn't a statement evaluate something? Note that I'm just an absolute beginner that hasn't touch stuff like functions yet so I may just be getting the wrong ideas.
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