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  1. I solved my problem I took someones working code to make the camera move which was 100% the same as mine made a new class tried running it . It worked!! Then I slowly added more of code testing each time until I was 100% of my previous code that did not work. The only thing I changed is I now have a new source code file (the class name is still the same though). Making a new class solved withe same code solved my problem?????
  2. 0 down vote favorite how to properly link an OrthographicCamera to a OrthogonalTiledMapRenderer How do I properly link an OrthographicCamera to a OrthogonalTiledMapRenderer? I have tiled map i'd like render and two stages that have actors on them.. I call render.render() in my screens render method as well as stages.draw(); but every i put render.setView(camera) the screen displayed flashes or does other weird things. How do I properly attach a moveable camera to a tiled map renderer? I render the map first, do game logic and then call draw on the stages. when I call translate on the camera the tiled map zooms way out for some reason? here is my render method public void render(float delta) { Gdx.gl.glClearColor(1, 0, 0, 1); Gdx.gl.glBlendFunc(GL20.GL_SRC_ALPHA, GL20.GL_ONE_MINUS_SRC_ALPHA); Gdx.gl.glClear(GL20.GL_COLOR_BUFFER_BIT); camera.update(); renderer.render(); gameLogic(); backStage.act(); // acts are called but do nothing frontStage.act(); frontStage.draw(); backStage.draw(); } here is where the camera and renderer get created public void addMap(GameMap map){ this.map=map; maps.add(map); renderer=new OrthogonalTiledMapRenderer(map.getTiledMap(), 1/20f); camera= new OrthographicCamera(Gdx.graphics.getWidth(), Gdx.graphics.getHeight()); float aspect = Gdx.graphics.getWidth()/Gdx.graphics.getHeight(); camera.setToOrtho(false, 20*aspect, 20*aspect); renderer.setView(camera); frontStage= new Stage(); backStage=new Stage(); xSize=map.getXSize(); ySize=map.getYSize(); Gdx.input.setInputProcessor(this); }
  3. that's why I play the lottery.
  4. yes but only if no one owns it. Even if the company dissolves with out bankruptcy 99% of the time the IP transfers to someone usually one of the owners or the creator or the relatives of one of the two if the owner is dead.
  5. If the company shuts down and doesn't transfer the IP then no one owns it. and it becomes public domain. But that rarely happens usually they sell it off or it gets acquired as part of bankruptcy settlement.
  6. macmanmatty

    tile based RPG movement Animation

    I don't really want tiled based movement that's just what I have at the moment. I'm very willing to modify it if need be. I started out making this RPG in JavaFX with images that would make the even the worst pixel artist cringe. The I switched to libGDX for android compatibility and discovered open game art and the LPC assets. So vey open to changes. Would forgoing the grid for moving objects ie animals, soliders, Enemies, arrows, ect,. Make my Goal of having some enemies faster than others work better? I think would make attacking easier too as collision detection would be easier / better with weapons. IE sword has a length of x pixels and check to see if touches enemy x pixels away? Tiles are 32 * 32 and soliders / npcs / enemies are 64*64 squares roughly max 32*48 in non transparent pixels. I would still use tiles to hold items / plants / buildings and others stationary things and for path finding.
  7. I need some advice on how to display moving animations with a tiled based RPG. I'm using libGDX as the UI frame work. So for the animations do I draw the actor of the solider enemy or other moving thing image once per draw call in th render method and change frames each draw call and slowly move it from tile tile to tile? or slowly move it from tile to tile during a single draw call and render loop pass and change frames in a single for loop? Using the former I can see problems with 2 objects trying occupying the same tile and the latter doesn't make much sense. I want some actors to be faster than others so they can out run them, would not using tile based movement be better and just forget on / off tiles for the living actors that move?
  8. I have spirtes that will be turned into animation images for the game actors. What would be the best way to change the weapon / armor for each actor? IE walking with sword swinging sword then when he equips axe walking with axe swinging axe ECT. Same for armor? Have sheets with the weapons and armor and then overlay them on to the base spirte when the user changes the weapon or have premade sheets with all of the various combos of armor / weapons that the solider can have and then just grab the ones needed for the current selection. I'm thinking the first option is better, but are there any other better ways?
  9. macmanmatty

    Making texture atlas?

    I was able to cut the images into 32*32 tiles and can now re pack them to create an atlas using a program called tilen for osx. Thanks
  10. macmanmatty

    Making texture atlas?

    Yes I want a 2d atlas I have Images packed by someone else not me I know how use texture packers There is one for libGDX which I plan on using. The problem I have is the textures are ALREADY PACKED into large pngs not made by me. They have no atlas files. I was planning to split each one into about 360 32*32 tiles for each sheet and then run. them through the libgdx packer to make the .pack files I can use with a texture atlas. If anyone thinks I'm going to manually atlas over 1500 tiles their nuts. I would like to pack to I don't have to reference each tile by location on the sheet and just call them by like String tileName= "roof"+roofNumber; then get the roof by the number and simply change the style of tile by changing the number not having to look each tile up on sheet of tiles and count by hand.
  11. I have some texture files I got from open game art alas they have no texture atlas file and I would like to make texture atlas for them. Does any one know a way to EASILY split a file up into 32*32 tiles or make a texture atlas for a a already packed image with out one.
  12. macmanmatty

    RPG / RTS game dealing with off screen units?

    Right I know I can do that most of my other objects don't get updated till they are in view. But I wanted it to be realistic. I guess stopping the enemies from moving when they not on the map could be help a little. My rpg has turn system and 1440 turns = 1 day 1 game turn = 1 minute every day a must drink water or he will start to suffer severe damage to his health at least every 2 days man must eat. For a month to pass by and not to die from starvation makes little sense, and for man who is out food just sitting there makes little sense either when there streams to drink from , fruit to pick , animals to hunt , and shops to buy food and or water at. I guess I answered my question I guess I need some kind of solider AI when they are off screen and update the plants too because if the fruit are there the soliders cannot pick them .
  13. what is best way to deal with off screen content in RPG game where you can have multiple units ? I currently have time lapsed variable that gets passed to the off screen to objects to update them IE Trees lose leaves, water freezes, fruit ripens / rots but they don't do it until they are on screen again. Now what about the fighters / enemies and their horses? should they still battle and die? Since fighters eat and drink should search for water when they run low? any ideas would be helpful
  14. macmanmatty

    Looking for game spirtes

    I posted this on the RPG Maker forum as people have posted some wonderful art they made there but sifting through the forums to find it is major pain. And, since my project does not use RPG maker I cannot ask for resources / design ideas or any other form of help on there. anyway I'm making 2d top down Orthogonal procedurally generated RPG (no 2 maps are ever the same). The game has a lord of rings type feel with a avatar Water, Earth, Fire, Wind, Kingdoms idea as well. The goal is get through all five kingdoms (Wind then Water, then Earth, then Fire, then Dark, find the ring of darkness on the way and then destroy it, in the dark volcano (not sure if I will get sued for that idea). You can have multiple units on multiple maps (swordsmen, knights, archers(yeoman), axemen, and mages (one different kind for each kingdom (Earth Wind Fire Water). There are many plants, items, weapons, wands , armor, rings, potitions, metals, animals ECT. I'm writing the engine myself in java with libGDX as the GUI frontend. As far as OOP goes I'm really good. I'm also really good at playing guitar, banjo, mandolin and recording. But alas, As far as my drawing skills go I'm really bad. My drawings look like they were done by a 4 year old wearing mittens. my photoshopping / GIMP skills are pretty decent however. Now on to the point... I'm looking for spirits for my game (walking up, down left, right, attacking, dying (I will use others spirtes if the exist eating, picking up items ECT. ) I don't want anybody to make me spirtes but this forum is full of wonderful people who have made wonder spirtes / game assets for games and searching though them all is hard especially making sure that they are allowed to used with games not made using RPG Maker. I'm not charging for my game but rather, using it as example to help land me a software developer a job that will be free for everyone to play and download. So if anyone could point me in the direction of some spirtes already made I could use that would fit my uses It would be appreciated. Here's what I'm looking for Swordsmen / hero Knight Archer Scout / hero Axeman Wizard / Mage Dark Knight Ghost Full Skeleton Demon Peasant Shop Keeper Prison Guard Goblin /Orc Trees I have lots of tree spirtes already but I can always use more there are numerous kinds of plants in that game that many different kinds of fruit and problems (buffs but, I call them problems).
  15. macmanmatty

    Mulitple Game Loops?

    two questions since units require food and water to live should I even allow the player to have units off the map? and If if I do what about the enemies that may find them and attack them? I was going pause the non viewed maps paused but that makes little sense either. I realize drawing the whole map at once will not work. But is there any way to link orthogonal camera view to the sliders on a scroll pane? Otherwise I will just go with click and drag
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