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  1. Which is better among these two to make complex 2d games ?
  2. kishy_Nivas

    What engines do you use, and why

    I am currently using Urho3D: Because it runs on my low-config system . lightweight and powerful, has all features of a game engine . -modern c++ style . -neat and simple coding style . helpful community.
  3. kishy_Nivas

    How good is Urho3D ?

    Thanks a lot!
  4. kishy_Nivas

    How good is Urho3D ?

    Cool, thanks for your answer, do you have some small projects in Urho3D which you might have done while learning? if so, do you mind sharing it ?
  5. kishy_Nivas

    How good is Urho3D ?

    I have installed Urho3D, worked out some examples from the source code sample ,it looks neat ,simple and good, so we are planning to start developing games with Urho3D, but the problem is, the community looks small but active, so my friends are hesitating to start , should we be concerned ? . please don't suggest to go to Unity3D or Unreal, we are running on low config systems , we are also planning to start with Unreal in future in our college labs . Urho3D is for creating hobby projects at home Thanks!
  6. I have started programming in SFML , created three mini projects , I also know the basics of Qt, so I am planning to switch from SFML to Qt5, I am happy with SFML I am planning to switch only because I could do something in the Qt framework with fun games, are there any drawbacks I should be aware of Qt5 in game development field ? or Should I stay with SFML ? Thanks!
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