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  1. I've got no qualms with doing something like that. How would you prefer to keep in contact? And @h8CplusplusGuru Due to my disdain for blender's UI I have not tried a blender plugin. I can barely even use blender
  2. In case anybody else was interested in this, I found a free example of a working character creator for Unreal Engine 4. When I get the opportunity I'm gonna dissect it myself to try and learn more, but for now here's a link. https://forums.unrealengine.com/showthread.php?74688-FREE-Character-Creator And thank you all for giving me a good starting point to go off of. I'm going to keep looking for something a little more comprehensive just so I can get a better understanding, but if I find anything new or relevant in my search I'll post it up here. thanks again!
  3. Fair enough! I've done some work with shaders and UI, so yes the problem would be the geometry deformation. I have no idea how you could get such a large number of possible changes programmatically. Would you just have to make a model for every extreme and then blend between them somehow? But to be clear, the problem is getting the geometry deformation to work out in a way that allows the user to customize as much as possible in terms of face, skin, and body type/proportions for their character. Once I get that going I'm sure adding accessories or different clothing would be relatively simple.
  4. CapnWTF

    Balancing & Scaling heals in an RPG

    I have a few ideas for you. (I'll admit when it comes to this type of thing I prefer brute force) Healing Mitigation seems like it would fix your problem pretty easily while allowing you to come up with more varied interesting design. This isn't an uncommon concept either, the most common example I can think of is Grievous Wounds in League of Legends. It is a status that reduces healing by a percentage for however long the ability that applied it dictates. How you do it can depend on a lot of things, but it should be either item based (if there are any) or skill based. examples: if you want to do it on a numbers basis it could be something like reduces all healing by 1, or 1*the targets level, or something of that nature. so if you have a level 10 enemy with 100 health then they are attacked, reducing their HP to 80 (as an example) and that attack applied the level-based anti-heal instead of that enemy immediately healing for 20, thus negating your damage, they instead heal for 10, since their level is subtracted from all heals on that target. There are a bunch of ways to go about this, for example if your game has a party system, you could make it so that a skill or weapon could cause its target to be a reduced SOURCE of healing. you could have it so that an armor with high damage mitigation could have the drawback of "you don't heal as easily" to prevent finagling. The reason why I'd recommend something like this is that it allows for a much greater amount of freedom with both playing and designing your game. The player can be a busted healer and it won't feel "wrong" because there's potentially things the enemy can do about it happening. It lets the player really get into whatever style of play they prefer. Also from a logical standpoint, if there are healing things in this RPG world where assassins or hexers exist, of COURSE there would be things to prevent healing, right? but these are just my thoughts on the matter. My design philosophy is that everything should have some kind of viable counter-play.
  5. So something I wanted to do was to make a standalone RPG character creator. I wanted to do it either in the style of Black Desert Online Or the Bethesda/Elder Scrolls/Fallout way. I'd like to think I'm a decent programmer, but I actually have no clue as to how I could make something like this work. Does anyone know of any resources or possibly even books/tutorials I could go through to help me get started on this? Just to clarify, my starting scope is pretty basic, all I'd want to do is: adjustable limb length/width, and detailed facial customization changeable body proportions on an individual scale (so that asymmetry is possible) basic poses I'm pretty sure for something like this all of the body rigs would have to be the same (since I'm starting out with only bi-pedal human characters) that type of thing. If anyone has any information, please let me know! Edit: Ah, by the way, I'm decent at C++, C#, Java, and HTML5, and can find my way around Unity. I have no problems with "you have to make this from scratch", I just want to know how to get started.
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