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  1. As per usual I'm coming in to the challenge later than I expected! I'm extremely busy with many other projects but I'm putting in some time to get this done! Yesterday I did a sketch, block-out, model and texture of the main gun for the game. This mesh is also game ready. Basic Sketch Block-out Model Texture (Rendered out) Real-time rendering The game itself will consist of a main level for now and if I have time I will add more. The basic idea for the map: There will be the following items: - Armor Suit - Health Packs - Laser Gun Charges (variety of ammo types) The enemies will be a mix of robots and cyborgs. This is still in the "to do" part and since I've just spent a day only and I have a ton of work to do, but throughout my off time I have planned a lot in my head already. You will also be trying to escape the planet Mars through the teleporter in the final boss room. I'm also considering have different glows for the energy cells on the laser pistol to do different damage types and different enemies will require you to use the right ammo type to kill them. In part 2 I will showcase the level prototype once I have the textures made. I have a few assets to make as well and will show them off in part 2 most likely as well.
  2. Rutin

    GameDev - Doom Challenge - Part 1

    Thanks! I'm very strapped for time so I'm rushing through the assets as fast as time allows me to. I'm almost done the level environment textures and hopefully will have another blog post soon. Once that is done I just need to add in the game play element.
  3. Thanks you for your continued support in helping people learn openGL.
  4. Rutin

    Godot contributions

    Well I'm glad you're keeping yourself busy. If you do enter in the Doom challenge I look forward in seeing what you come up with.
  5. Rutin

    Godot contributions

    Heck, I thought you won the Power Ball and headed off on your long term cruise around the world in your new yacht. When I give Godot a try I expect to see your name on the top of the contributor list! 😎
  6. Rutin

    GameDev Doom Challenge Gun

    From the album: My Graphics Bin

    This is a gun I made yesterday as part of my GameDev Doom challenge.
  7. Rutin

    My Graphics Bin

    I'll occasionally share my "unpolished" and "polished" 2D and 3D art in this album.
  8. Rutin

    Doomish - About 70% Done

    This is amazing work! I'm honestly very impressed with what you've put out!
  9. Rutin

    DOOM: Skeletal Animations & Dynamic BVHs

  10. Rutin

    Doom Challenge + Other Things

    I haven't been too active on here in the past few months since my last blog entry back in June when I finished up that side scrolling challenge. I also haven't posted about my 3D Chess challenge yet, but I did complete the game fully back in June as well (less the music track), and I just haven't bothered yet uploading the final blog entry (part 2). I've been pretty busy with work and dealing with some other issues the past few months but I'll be starting up again soon. I'll work on finishing up a music track so I can put a nail in the coffin on the 3D Chess Challenge I did. I will also be doing a full re-work on the side scrolling challenge because it's way below anything I would've liked to release, but I honestly spent little time on it. This will happen after the DOOM challenge has been completed. DOOM Challenge below for those interested in taking part: I'll post more about this in my Part 1 post hopefully sometime this weekend. I'll be keeping everything the same in terms of movement, and game play, even shooting. The main difference will be the graphics revamp. I have a few ideas for enemies and weapons which I'll concept out. I'm very excited about this challenge and I hope to see a lot more people participate.
  11. Rutin

    Graveyard Keeper 3d

    Reminds me of WoW! Nice
  12. Rutin

    Player weapon

    Nice approach to getting the hand and gun in the game.
  13. Rutin

    Doomish - About Halfway Done

    Very nice!
  14. Rutin

    Clueless on what to do?

    I would suggest you seek counselling from a professional that can help you work around any disabilities you have. You have to work with what you've got and do the best that you can.
  15. Rutin

    Game developing

    I would suggest making a new thread here: https://www.gamedev.net/forums/forum/29-hobby-project-classifieds/ You'll want to indicate what you're looking for in potential team members. If you're looking for a group of people to learn with you'll want to indicate that because if it's for a project you need to have a lot of details and some form of a plan to potentially garner interest from people reading your thread.
  16. Rutin

    Drawing for a 3D game

    What I would suggest is learning Blender inside and out first. Once you understand how everything works then modeling tutorials can be taken from pretty much any where ie: 3ds max, maya, ect... because the concepts are the same. This opens up more learning options so you're not stuck looking for only Blender tutorials. Mostly everything is transferable outside of application specific tasks. You're going to want to start with Polygon modeling first, then look into sculpting - both have different workflows. I wouldn't worry about anything CAD related, or displacements, booleans, or kit bashing right now. Also you will find people teaching booleans as part of their modeling tutorials and I would caution against it until you know how to clean up topology. Start here: If you have more specific questions feel free to ask me at anytime.
  17. Rutin

    Drawing for a 3D game

    No, you don't need to have good drawing skills to do 3D art. This is a misconception you can sometimes find people claiming. However, knowing how to draw will allow you to make 2D references, and 2D concept art which can be beneficial. There are different ways to approach 3D art, some for example: - Polygon modeling - Solid modeling - Sculpting - Displacement Maps - Booleans - Kit Bashing None of the above require any 2D drawing ability. My 2D art is so so, but most of my concepts are done by sculpting, and if I do 2D concepts it's usually gray-scale block-ins (non-line art) like this: Sometimes I make basic sketches like this one for my goblin concept: Most of my stuff is actually just sculpted concepts then I clean them up. If I'm working on hard-surface models then I pull from a lot of references online. It is also still a good idea to use references regardless. Either way what I can accomplish in 3D doesn't require any 2D drawing on my part, even though I lack in that department I sometimes make references. Normally I just sculpt or use photo references and work that way because the amount of time it takes me to make 3-sided references far out weighs what I can do in 3D from other sources. The key is to take everything in bite sized chunks. Rushing out and trying to complete a whole scene is a recipe for disaster. You should mark out what you need then create each piece one by one then form your scene with those assets. You don't need to be good at 2D drawing for this either, just visualize what you think it might look like, then make a list of all the objects and make them. Once you're done you then take those objects and place them into a 3D scene to concept out what you might want. When you outsource art you're going to have to accept the fact they have their own art style. This is why you look for artists which match the style you like. Asset flips are a good way to rip away any uniqueness to your game's visual look. I suggest doing this only for learning, or placeholders, not production. If you're forced to use pre-made assets then so be it. You can learn to draw, but it's a different medium than 3D modeling, and sculpting. You would be better off spending the time actually building the skills you're going to need for 3D art such as understanding the different modeling techniques, edge flow, topology, uv mapping, baking, texturing, animation (which is another major time sink to learn), rendering, hard-surface vs organic, and more... I would skip the 2D stuff for now and dive into 3D right away if 3D art is your goal.
  18. One of the many reasons I don't do game jams. Too many times I joined a team and people stopped committing then dropped out. There is an endless supply of those that are all hyped out pre-work, but once you actually have to grind out those hours some people tend to drop out in my experience. No problem! Looking forward to your next video.
  19. I enjoyed watching all 5 videos. It's a shame the other teams didn't fall through but even so all the stuff you made can always be used for other projects, or polished up (if needed) and put on your site. Nice work!
  20. Rutin

    Devlog #2: Hands sculpt

    Looks amazing!
  21. Rutin

    Total Doom

    Looking forward to seeing how this progresses!
  22. Rutin

    DOOM: Multi Level BVHs

    Sadly I wasn't able to get it to run on my office machine (Windows 10). The application opens then closes after showing: I have a GeForce 1050 TI SC 4GB which supports OpenCL 1.2.
  23. Rutin

    Game developing

    If you want to continue using Python then pick up Panda3D. https://www.panda3d.org/ https://www.panda3d.org/manual/?title=General_Preparation Anything you learn is transferable in some way so keep that in mind when you decide to move over to either another language and or engine. At this stage it is extremely important to pick something and stick it out. Best of luck!
  24. Rutin

    Snake - The basic game is complete!

    Works great! Good job on making this!
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