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  1. Rutin

    Sling Bot Boarding Toy Build 3!! :D

    wow really cool stuff. I like how you have the replay feature in now. Would be cool to have a point system in place for combos and if you hit a high enough point threshold, you get a instant replay snap shot. 😮
  2. You know it! I got kicked out from under the bridge.... Trolls didn't want to play nice. Orc love is forever!
  3. Rutin

    Sling Bot Boarding Toy Build 3!! :D

    I'll give it a go later today! I'm glad you're still working on this!!!
  4. Nice job! Sounds like my place! Yes I live down in the sewers!
  5. Where is your post-mortem?
  6. Rutin

    Now With 100% MORE Flipping! :D

    Good stuff! ! Was doing some wild flips!
  7. Rutin

    Art Update 1 (Stock, Foundation)

  8. Rutin

    Frogger Challenge - Post Mortem

    Thanks for sharing your experiences.
  9. Rutin

    Asset Work Update

    Nice job!
  10. Rutin

    My friend needs help with format.

    I believe PNG would be the supported image format for RPG Maker.
  11. Rutin

    Frogger Challenge - GameDev.net

    UPDATES: Build 3 - Fixed bug where flies didn't kill the player. HOW TO PLAY: Control your frog by using ASWD for movement, and SPACEBAR for a short leap. Avoid getting hit, or falling, and get back to the lily pads to win! Known Requirements: Windows OS 32 or 64 Bit (Tested on Windows 10) Game will play at 800x600 windowed. This game is an entry for the Frogger Challenge:
  12. Rutin

    My first videogame

    The OP never said this was a commercial project or even getting released for sale. Your first response really was uncalled for. You came out and said the project was boring and you wouldn't buy it, however the OP never said the game was for sale or even at that stage. As far as I could tell from the original post... the OP was looking to show off their first game which is still a work in progress and get some feedback. It doesn't hurt to provide some encouragement and help motivate people to push forward.
  13. Rutin

    My first videogame

    Great start! If you're going to go with the labyrinth idea, then I would suggest putting a roof on the maze if you want to do something more underground, or add in something in the sky to make it seem more alive (even in a darker theme) maybe some moonlight? You could use torches along side the light your player uses. Another tip: Make a design document for your game. If you do it properly you'll have a sense of direction for how the game should play out. You already know that the player must obtain three keys to get out, but where are these keys, how does the player get them? Are there puzzles to solve to unlock the keys? ect... How do the monsters work? Do they chase you until you hide to avoid them? Are you fighting them in combat? These are some things to think about. Keep up the good work!
  14. Rutin

    Well now, I can't be the only one having fun! :D

    Nice! Looking forward to it!
  15. Rutin

    Well now, I can't be the only one having fun! :D

    I had so much fun, I ended up running to the end of the map.... But I still jumped off! Good stuff!
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