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  1. Sadly I've decided not to go ahead with this game challenge as planned. On Friday I finally finished my corporate year end for tax season and I have the rest of the week booked up. Prior to that I opened a new division for my company around the same time as this challenge and that has taken most of my actual time.... then when I did get free time I wasn't too inclined to sit and work on anything to be honest. I did manage to complete a weapon (meh.. wasn't too happy with it due to the time spent) and some environmental assets (modular walls, floors) and textures, but beyond that I would still have to make enemies, texture the enemies, rig the enemies, then program and level test. No way I can do that in 3 days or even a week with my current availability so I'm just going to pull the plug on this one. I'm thinking I'm going to just take a break from this all until I get my new business operations settled in. Any future timed challenges (with deadlines) I most likely will not post about unless I actually have some kind of game play video to showcase which means I was able to devote enough time as it's extremely hard for me to predict a steady schedule with work and family commitments. Heck! I still have to create my 3D Chess music track as that game has been done since June... I'm looking forward to playing other people's entries. Good luck!
  2. Rutin

    move ship

    It seems to be the trend... It's almost like he is living in a scenario like shown in the movie "Groundhog Day" but he doesn't remember what happened prior to the "reset".
  3. Rutin

    Doom Challenge#: Some concepts

    Looks really good!
  4. Rutin

    Ludum Dare 45

  5. Rutin

    Small features + minimap.

    I would have a pre-set UI scale per resolution then add in an option with a slider that allows the user to scale up or down by (x) points per stop with a preview prior to applying the setting. I normally just take screen shots of the different resolutions in Photoshop, and overlay my UI to see which sizes fit the best then reflect that through code. If your UI is done with vector graphics then scaling isn't a problem, but if you use raster graphics then you essentially make the largest scaled version first then scale down as needed. You still might have to make different versions depending on quality loss. WoW and many other games have this feature:
  6. Rutin

    Small features + minimap.

    Looking good! Are you going to consider having an option for scaling up or down the UI?
  7. Looking forward to reading your GLUT tutorial. Best of luck. 👍
  8. Yes, I posted the video as you already know so put on your grown up pants and address it. I already asked you prior when you were complaining about the video and you didn't respond. So by all means don't hold back because the "nice guy" is awaiting your response. What Phil does or anyone else does with that information is fully up to them. I personally like the video and if you or anyone else doesn't feel the same way that is perfectly fine... Make your points, provide alternative information and be done with it. I doubt that's possible as I've seen most of your posts on these forums and they're mostly negative comments with no constructive feedback. Instead of providing absolutely zero value to any conversation by posting snide remarks you're free to provide alternative answers instead and become a "nice guy" yourself. Good luck!
  9. Way back I went over how to do this using GLUT. All you need to be able to do is get the elapsed time in order to have a working time step. 'glutGet(GLUT_ELAPSED_TIME);' GLUT is not the proper tool here and isn't good for anyone requiring accuracy which is why it is never recommended in our day and age. Phil has been told countless times to dump GLUT as there are better options out there... ie. GLFW, SDL2, SFML You're free to type out the answer in code or any other method for Phil to explain it better.
  10. Rutin

    Doomish - Done

    I'll give it a go this weekend and post back!
  11. Phil, what feature can you use that can toggle a state? Think about it because it has been answered time and time again. I also provided the answer several times in the past when you continue to ask the same question over and over again.
  12. Rutin

    GameMaker Studio 2 v2.2.4 Available

  13. It's not about re-inventing the wheel or using pre-made libraries (which many of us do), it's about understanding how things work. Using other people's code with zero understanding of what is going on will never develop you into a good programmer. If you don't want to "re-invent" the wheel then stop working with OpenGL and pick up Game Maker Studio and work with pre-made templates. You've been at this for over 14+ years now and have almost nothing to show for it. If you continue to stay on this track by copying and pasting other people's code and coming to the forums looking for help you will only create additional frustrations for yourself and other people. You're also robbing yourself of time which you'll never get back. I would suggest aligning yourself with something you're good at and something you have passion for as I'm extremely confused on your end goal here... I genuinely would like to see you succeed but it's very apparent programming isn't for you, but at the end of the day you'll do what you want regardless.
  14. The issue here is that Phil has been known to copy and paste code without actually understanding what is going on and how to reproduce the same result without references. This is why we're seeing the same issues popup since 2006... This is also why I don't provide him with actual code examples anymore and in the past I provided either pseudocode examples or in layman terms but he could not take those examples and actually code it. https://www.google.com/search?q=phil67rpg+opengl+site%3Agamedev.net If Phil cannot explain in his own words why something works then he really shouldn't be moving forward. If this is too complex for him then he should just use something like Game Maker Studio. We're doing no service to Phil by spoon feeding.
  15. Phil you need to understand that you don't conduct a jump movement in a single frame... Depending on if you're using a variable time step or fixed you would find out how much time or how many ticks you would want the jump to take for a full cycle, then you do a part of that per update cycle while keeping track of where you are in your jump until you're either at the final stage or interrupted. I have no idea why you don't just use a boolean when a jump button is pressed and in your update you begin your jump cycle and every tick after you update your position based on your algorithms for as long as your boolean returns true. Your problem is that you don't understand how a Game Loop works and how Time Steps work. Research these and come back and explain in your own words what a Game Loop is and the different types of Time Steps and how they work. If you cannot do this then I would suggest sticking to Game Maker Studio or something more simple. Also stop using GLUT for games.... Beyond simple prototypes it doesn't make sense to use it for anything requiring Update loops like this... If you're making a turn based game like a Card Game then you can get away with it.
  16. Rutin

    Doom Challenge - Update

    Nice work!
  17. Rutin

    how to clear error

    You should reply to that thread letting them know your version number for both Unity and Unity IAP. You could try rolling back to 2019.1... Is there a reason you're using a BETA build of Unity though for production? Why not try with 2019.2.7f2 maybe? Otherwise there is 2019.1.14f1
  18. Rutin

    how to clear error

    See: https://forum.unity.com/threads/cannot-import-iap-assembly-assets-plugins-unitypurchasing-bin-stores-dll-will-not-be-loaded-due-t.693370/ and https://forum.unity.com/threads/notice-iap-issues-with-unity-2019.689647/ It's a known issue.
  19. I think I'm about 4-6 months in before release assuming all goes well. I also wanted to plug your site as well in my courses for audio resources when the time comes.
  20. How is everything going with your course on making audio effects?
  21. Rutin

    Want to Make A Fighting Game

    Are you better at 2D or 3D? Is this a 2D or 3D fighting game??? You can answer your own question here. Why not try Unity and see if it meets your needs and if you enjoy using the Engine? Asking if you should or shouldn't use it would be more relevant if you're talking about an engine which is out of date and not widely used versus something that is heavily used. The "best" for you depends... I wont get into the language war so simply find the engine you want to use and use the language that goes with that engine. Yes you could make a 2D fighting game in GameMaker. I cannot say how well it would be if you want to do an online version as opposed to offline and split-screen. Do you have any examples for this? These engines are pretty close in visual capabilities and unless you have someone pushing the limits and good artist on board I don't see how this will matter, especially for smaller teams or single developers. It would be more important to pick which engine meets your overall development needs and not base that choice on screen shots showing AAA style graphics which have a very minor difference in rendered quality. Some comparison videos (keep in mind about post-processing)
  22. Rutin

    Game Art topology

    Generally you want to avoid long thin triangles. You also don't want to have too many edges connected from a single vertex. You also should completely convert all quads to tris, don't mix and match especially if you decide to bake as different rendering engines will triangulate in their own way which will cause errors. Optimization for the sake of optimization is a waste of time especially with the hardware we have today and considering this object is so basic.
  23. Rutin

    Feedback on Maya Homework

    The most important thing at this stage is to understand the tools you're using, and less on how your results "look". I would also suggest when modeling to use references and even orthographic references to model from in Maya. Once you have that down then it's all about modeling with correct topology which really comes into play when you get into animation. When you're asking for feedback on your modeling and not on the actual 'look' you really should show the wire-frames so we can see your topology.
  24. Rutin

    Concept arts from Between Realms

    I really like the art style. Nice work!
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